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Powerful Apple MDM Solution for Every Business Use Case

Streamline Apple device management with Scalefusion. Deploy Apple devices with business apps & content. Set extensive policies & restrictions for corporate-owned, kiosk and BYO Apple devices.

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Key Features of Apple MDM

Leverage the powerful features of Apple Device Management. Create custom policies specific to your use-case- be it for business or schools.

Single App Mode

Turn your iOS devices into purpose-specific kiosks. Lock your iPads and iPhones into a single app.

Multi App Mode

Restrict the device to a set of pre-selected applications and block all the rest with Multi-app mode.

Role Based Access Control

Assign different roles and accesses to different account admins.

Content & Web Filtering

Add filters for profanity, enforce website whitelisting and configure web-clips & shortcuts.

Parental Controls

Enforce parental controls via curfews, usage limits and scheduled downtimes.

Configure Restrictions

Gain granular control on the device usage and functionality. Prevent media sharing, connections to Apple watch, iTunes.

Hard Disk Media Access

Configure settings for hard disk, external disks and DVD-RAM media access.

Email & Exchange Settings

Allow employees to quickly access work emails by configuring email and exchange settings.

Network Settings

Push trusted Wi-Fi network settings on managed Apple devices.

Location & Geofence

Track the location of iOS devices. Create circular and polygonal geofences.

Broadcast Message

Send broadcast messages to managed devices from the Scalefusion dashboard.

FileDock & Analytics

Use Scalefusion FileDock to remotely push and manage content on your macOS devices and get analytics related to the content.

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Powerful Apple Device Management for Every Business Use Case

Modern businesses make use of diverse device ownership models- from company-owned devices to employee owned or BYOD, manage them all from a single console.

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program enables your employees to use their favorite iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and iMacs for work.

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Corporate-owned deployments are perfect when you want to give iOS and macOS devices to your employees for work.

Faster Enrollment and Rollout

Simplify Apple device deployment and extend a true out of box (OOB) experience with the help of Apple Business Manager & Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

Add and invite users for Apple BYOD management via Google Workspace and Office 365 Active Directory.

Apple MDM Solutions

Apple Device Management Simplified

Simplify the management of your Apple Devices with Scalefusion’s integration with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager

Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager (ABM) revolutionizes the way Apple devices are managed in the modern workplace.

Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager (ASM) helps educational institutions manage their Apple devices more efficiently.

Application Distribution & Management

Empower Your Workforce With the Best Apple Apps

Put wheels to your employee productivity by provisioning business apps on the devices they use. Install, uninstall and update apps, assign and reassign licenses seamlessly via the Scalefusion dashboard.

  • Apple App Store: Search and distribute applications from the Apple App Store to the managed Apple devices.

  • Volume Purchase Program: Deploy apps in bulk using the Apple Volume Purchase Program.

  • Private App Support: Push in-house apps by uploading PKG files (for macOS) and IPA files or PList links (for iOS) to the Scalefusion Enterprise Store.

Experience Apple Device Management Driven by Simplicity

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Secure Apple MDM Solution

Advanced Security Options for your Apple Deployment

Create a virtual security perimeter for your enterprise Apple Devices. Protect your devices and corporate data irrespective of their location.

Enforce Passcode Policies

Ensure access control by enforcing a passcode policy.

Prevent App Downloads

Restrict the download of unverified and non-work apps on managed devices.

Certificate Management

Push digital certificates for authenticating connections to enterprise Wi-Fi.

Work Data Settings

Prevent data sharing between work apps and personal apps.

Firewall & FileVault

For macOS devices, enable secure connections with Firewall and encrypt disk with FileVault.

Get Quick and Deep Insights Into Your Device Inventory


Replace your cumbersome Apple MDM solution with Scalefusion. Our clutter-free dashboard makes it extremely easy to manage your Apple devices and endpoints and to perform day to day operations.

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Extend Support To the Entire Apple Device Management Lifecycle

Redefine the Apple Device Management process- from provisioning, monitoring to security and troubleshooting. Leverage additional controls at every step of managing Apple devices.

Enrollment and Configuration

Apple Business Manager
DEP Enrollment
Email Based Enrollment
Azure AD User Enrollment
QR Code Enrollment

Security and Control

Password Policies
Gatekeeper Settings
FileVault Settings
Wi-Fi & Certificates
Restrictions & OS Update

Application Management

Mac App Store
VPP Apps
PKG App Deployment
In-house App Deplyment

End of life/
Retire Devices

Remove Enrollment
Wipe Device

Apple MDM for Education

Take the popularity of Apple in classrooms and elevate it with distraction-free learning.

Configure devices used in schools as well as for remote learning. Streamline access to educational apps while making sure it is a safe online space for students and young kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple MDM helps IT admins deploy, manage, monitor, and secure iOS and macOS devices of an organization. The software enables IT admins to facilitate the management of corporate and employee-owned Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and Apple TVs from a single console.

Apple MDM lets you configure devices remotely by sending profiles containing policies to the devices. The MDM capabilities include monitoring device compliance and performance, remote wiping or locking devices, control over device settings, update management and a higher level of device and data security.

Enrolling new Apple devices into an MDM is simple. First, enroll the devices to be managed into the MDM dashboard. Create an iOS/macOS device profile by configuring policies. Push the ‘Device Profile’ from the dashboard to the enrolled devices and start managing your Apple devices.

To set up device restrictions on your managed Apple devices, create a ‘Device Profile’ and configure restrictions concerning network, apps, lock screen, Safari, iCloud, work data, email, certificate and content filtering. Push the configured profile with restrictions to the managed devices.

To remotely wipe a lost or stolen device, first, log in to your MDM portal, locate the lost or stolen device on the dashboard and lock the device so that data remains protected. In the second step, wipe off the data from the device and the device resets to factory settings. In the same way, you can wipe data from the work container of BYO devices.

The MDM feature of ‘Remote Cast and Control’ makes remote device troubleshooting easy. Log in to your MDM portal, mirror the device screen on your dashboard, provide step-by-step instructions to the end-user over VoIP call and push and sync files or delete files to resolve issues. Perform quick fixes, record sessions and raise support tickets on ITSM platforms using the MDM dashboard.

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