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Reinforce Mobility in Classroom with Scalefusion MDM for Education

Scalefusion MDM for Education is empowering mobility in the classroom and transforming conventional teaching into more scientific, cognitive, fun and visually engaging process.

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Amplify Digital Learning with Scalefusion MDM for Education

Students learn faster through digitally immersive learning experiences driven by smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Digital and mobile learning processes enhance convenience, flexibility, interaction, and engagement for students as well as the faculty. Scalefusion MDM for Education helps educational institutions deliver safer, smarter, and more secured learning experience by taking care of all the challenges around devices, apps and data.

  • Misuse of Device Settings and Information by Students

  • Insufficient Device Monitoring System

  • Loss of Devices and Lack of a Tracking System

  • Issues and Troubles with Devices and Apps

  • Improper Device Access Control

  • Lack of Real-time Information/Content Sharing

Innovate Your Education Initiatives with an Enticing Learning Experience

Scalefusion MDM for School helps institutions drive successful knowledge delivery by staying relevant, innovative and responsible in managing the mobile devices, protecting student information & restricting exposure to unnecessary content.


Device Lockdown

Turn the student-used devices into single or multi-app kiosk mode and focus on what matters the most to their education.


Access Control

IT admins can remotely whitelist/blacklist websites, enable access to relevant apps and restrict access to games, movie and unnecessary apps.


Real-time Device Tracking

Gain visibility of your devices through real-time location tracking to avoid theft or loss of devices and the data.


Remote Connection and Support

Remote cast and control allow students to get immediate IT help to solve any device or functionality related issues.


Proactive Real-time Communication

Enables teachers and students to interact with each other to share any information related to their studies and researches.


Remote Monitoring of Apps, Content, and Devices

IT admins can remotely monitor and manage students’ devices and can wipe or distribute apps, content or data as required.


Safety and Compliance on Priority

Make sure devices follow the government regulations and other internal policies to ensure information security for both students and the schools.


Centralized Device Management

IT admins can remotely manage & monitor device usage, track inventory, maintain routine audits and take prompt actions whenever required.


Easy and Efficient Content Management

Teachers can upload documents for students like class notes, assignments, worksheets, quizzes, tests, project details and audio-visual content.

Building Smarter Classrooms Across the Globe

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Improve Student Productivity with Scalefusion MDM for School

Simplified Conversations

Hassle-free and Real-time communication with teachers and staff helps students learn faster.

Innovation in Learning

Digital devices such as smartphones and tablets promote an interactive, fun and immersive learning experience.

Better Brand Reputation

Schools fostering an effective mobile strategy are always preferred by students and parents.


Transform Digital Learning with Scalefusion MDM for School

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