Pave the Way for Digital Learning with Scalefusion MDM for Education

Digitalize education with mobile devices and apps. Transform conventional teaching into more cognitive, fun and visually engaging learning with Scalefusion MDM for education.

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MDM for Education

Create Immersive Learning Experiences for K-12 Education

Students learn faster through digitally immersive learning experiences driven by smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Digital and mobile learning processes enhance convenience, flexibility, interaction, and engagement for students as well as the faculty. Deliver a safer, smarter, and distraction-free learning experience with Scalefusion.

Effectively Manage School iPads and Tablets in Classrooms

Extend an enhanced learning environment with tablets in classrooms. Provide Android tablets and iPads in Schools locked down to educational apps. Ensure a distraction-free learning experience powered with tablets and iPads.

Manage School iPads and Tablets

Unlock the Potential of Digital Learning with MDM for Education

Don’t let short attention spans come in the way of learning. Drive successful knowledge delivery with digital devices and educational apps. Leverage Scalefusion MDM to provide a safe learning environment to students across all age groups.

Deploy with Ease

Leverage Apple School Manager, Android Zero-touch and Windows Autopilot to provision student devices over the air.

Kiosk Mode

Focus on what matters the most. Lock the devices used for education into single or multi-app kiosk mode.

Manage apps & websites

Silently install educational apps and website shortcuts. Restrict access to gaming and entertainment apps and websites.

Publish content and classwork

Publish documents on student devices including class notes, assignments, worksheets, quizzes, tests, project details and audio-visual content over the air.

Remote connection and support

Ensure seamless distance learning with Remote Cast. Remotely mirror and control device screens, sync files to quickly resolve issues on remote learning devices.

Keep in touch during remote learning

Interact and engage with students irrespective of the location. Share files, drive group conversations with Eva Communication Suite.

Reimagining Education with Smart Classrooms with Scalefusion MDM

Transform Digital Learning with Scalefusion MDM for School

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