Taxi Management Solution

You Have Arrived at Your Destination

Scalefusion MDM helps you keep a track of your transportation network and monitor movements. With devices dedicated to running your app, ensure drivers are focused at all times.

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Be on the Move, Not on the Hold with Scalefusion for Taxi Management

Kiosk Lockdown

All eyes on the road with apps in kiosks mode

Lock your devices to single or multiple apps in kiosk mode. Choose specific apps such as company apps, GPS or Payment apps to ensure devices are not misused.

  • Lockdown your devices to necessary business apps

  • Limit access to approved activities only

Improve Rider Experience And Driver Focus Via Scalefusion Taxi Management System

Location Tracking

Every mile to every second

No matter the city or country, with our solution, you get a centralized view of your vehicle location and receive real-time information about the car real position at all times of the day.

  • Get the entire route history

  • Enforce GPS always ON on select devices

  • Track date, time, latitude & longitude

Application Management

Stay up-to-the-minute with important apps on devices

Drive new feature updates, app installations, uninstallations, and app restrictions across all devices simultaneously by remotely pushing apps and managing settings via a single dashboard.

  • Push any business or private apps to all devices 

  • Remotely manage app updates on all devices

  • Restrict download of unapproved apps

Speed Based Access

Pay heed to speed, observe safe driving protocol

With Scalefusion software for taxi monitoring, ensure the safety of all passengers. Control device access based on vehicle speed and setup restrictions in case of overspeeding.

  • Lock specific applications if the vehicle crosses the defined speed limit

  • Set custom message for speeding alerts on the device screen


Happy And Safe Journeys For Everyone With Scalefusion For Cab Management


All device data , at your fingertips

Get a bird’s eye view on device inventory with Scalefusion DeepDive. Monitor device analytics, battery, data and storage usage. Keep a check on the security incidents to ensure everything runs smoothly

  • 360-degree overview of the entire device inventory Get real-time visibility of advanced device data and compliance breaches

  • Obtain a comprehensive and insightful summary of your device inventory

Remote Control & Troubleshooting

Don't press the brakes, solve device issues remotely

Give drivers support in real time. Save on costs of physically troubleshooting devices by making VoIP calls for step-by-step resolution.

  • View device screens as they appear to the driver

  • Capture screenshots and screen recordings to resolve device issues.


Make The Move And Get The Most Out of Scalefusion for Taxi Management