Mobility is Opening New Avenues for the Transportation Networking Companies

Effortlessly manage your transportation network and effectively monitor your cab aggregation system using a Mobile Device Management solution.

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Get Rid of the Roadblocks Faced by Cab/Taxi Aggregators

Smartphones equipped with the right enterprise apps and features have changed the way cab aggregation companies work these days, but there are challenges to deal with.

  • Device and data theft

  • Failure in real-time location tracking

  • Drivers accessing irrelevant apps

  • Insufficient device monitoring system

  • Real-time Communication with Drivers

  • Complying with Government Mandates

  • Incompetent real-time routing

  • Improper device access control

  • Drivers putting false reporting-time or ride duration time

  • Lack of customer security updates and supervision

Streamline Your Transportation Network for Higher Efficiency

Remotely manage, monitor & secure devices in real-time, powered with a comprehensive & contextual communication suite with 360-degree visibility of device inventory.

MDM for Cab aggregators and Taxi Providers

Proactive Field Communication

Converse with your drivers and solve device issues through integrated VoIP calling, two-way chat & notifications using our Communication suite.

MDM for Cab aggregators and Taxi Providers

Safety and Compliance First

Ensure that your drivers are aware of and comply with the government regulations and internal company policies.

MDM for Cab aggregators and Taxi Providers

Flexibility and Security

Flexible, easy and remote device enrolling & management. The IT admin can remotely be notified about any security incidents.

MDM for Cab aggregators and Taxi Providers

Provide Access Control

Safeguard your data and increase driver efficiency by controlling access to specific websites, apps, and documents.

MDM for Cab aggregators and Taxi Providers

App and Content Management

IT admin can remotely control devices by managing, updating, uninstalling and distributing apps and content to the devices.

MDM for Cab aggregators and Taxi Providers

Real-Time Device Tracking

Gain visibility of your devices used by the drivers through real-time location tracking and monitoring of your vehicles.

MDM for Cab aggregators and Taxi Providers

Remote Connection and Support

Solve device issues and simply device maintenance remotely using remote cast & control feature with VoIP call and two-way chat.

MDM for Cab aggregators and Taxi Providers

Device Lockdown & Remote Management

Lockdown your devices into a single or multi-app mode and focus on what matters the most to your business.

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Scalefusion Ensures Proven Business Benefits for Cab Aggregators

Improve Driver Efficiency

Real-time communication, data sharing and access control help improve driver efficiency and performance.

Ensure Passenger Safety

Location-tracking can help monitor vehicle locations and routes, and ensure passenger security.

Improved IT Productivity

Remote device management, control and supervision from a central dashboard improve IT productivity.

MDM for Cab aggregators and Taxi Providers

Focus on What Your Business Does the Best and Let Scalefusion Tackle the Rest

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