Windows 10 MDM

Manage and Secure Windows 10 Devices with Scalefusion MDM

Scalefusion offers the flexibility to manage, administer, monitor and audit the company-owned Windows 10 devices. Its features and capabilities help you secure company data, ensuring business productivity, faster outcomes, and employee efficiency.

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Enterprise-Level Windows 10 Device Management

The competency and agility of Scalefusion’s Windows 10 MDM capabilities make it easy to configure, secure and view Windows 10 devices like Desktops, Laptops & Tablets.

Windows 10 MDM Solution with a Difference

Scalefusion Device Management for Windows 10 do more than just allowing admins to manage any Windows 10 devices such as Laptops, Desktops, and tablets. They can also accelerate device setup and configuration, set & distribute policies and easily control end-users’ Windows experience by enforcing application and browser restrictions.

Windows 10 MDM

Single App Mode

With Single App Mode for Windows 10 transform a computer into a Kiosk within minutes. Lockdown desktops and laptops to run only one app at all the time & prevent access to other apps and auto-launch the same application when the device reboots.

Set and distribute policies

Customize policies and put restrictions on hardware features like camera, activesync, Wi-Fi etc.

Simplified app blacklisting

IT admins can easily define rules to allow or deny applications access.

Windows 10 MDM

We enable better business performance

Businesses nowadays need to speed up their game of favorable customer experience. This in turn require customer-focused employees working with devices that help them enhance their productivity and efficiency while optimizing business functionality reducing security risks.

Scalefusion Windows 10 Device Management ensures

Increase in employee efficiency and productivity

Quicker and effective business decisions and delivery

Faster problem identification and resolution

Excellent overall operational effectiveness

Timely supervision of connectivity, content, communication, and performance

Windows 10 MDM
Windows 10 MDM

We are going to add more value to our solution!

Windows 10 MDM

Enterprise Application Management

Distribute Universal Windows Package (UWP) apps to Windows 10 desktops, laptops and tablets enrolled in Scalefusion. IT administrators can distribute apps faster and more securely.

Windows 10 MDM

Enterprise Content Management

Remotely manage and distribute content on Windows 10 devices. The enterprise data is protected from threats by providing only necessary and limited access.


Scalefusion is Perfect Across Industries

Scalefusion Mobile Device Management Solution is being used across different industry verticals.

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Restrict employees from accessing unwanted apps or watching videos on company-owned devices. You can also track the device location in real-time.
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Manage your Android-based mPOS devices with Scalefusion by giving control to the admin to remotely enable/disable the app on the device.
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Prevent students from playing games or watching videos on devices in the classroom to make the learning experience more exciting & engaging.
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Secure the use of corporate-owned mobile devices used by doctors and staff members. Restrict access and usage of unwanted & malicious applications.
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The visitors can quickly look for information on the devices & get an instant answer. The interactive kiosks increase the visitor engagement.
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Engineers can easily assign tasks to their field workers and keep track of work progress to get a better workflow in the construction project.