Mobile Devices are Reshaping the Way Retail Industry Works

Manage, secure and control multiple enterprise devices used in shops, stores and malls to drive customer engagement, employee productivity and an overall profitability.

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Expel your Retail Challenges with
Total Efficiency, Simplicity, and Agility

The competitive and mature retail industry is merging enterprise mobility and other digital technologies for better customer experience and improved business ROI. A powerful MDM solution can help retail businesses solve all the following challenges that arise with inclusion of mobile technology in the business:

  • Lack of real-time coordination between storekeepers & IT admins
  • Lack of visibility of field and on-floor workforce
  • Improper device access control
  • Lack of information-access by floor/shop staff
  • Lack of integration between enterprise apps and inventory record
  • Mishandling of data, device settings, and apps
  • Insufficient record-keeping by storekeepers and shop managers

Streamline your Enterprise Devices to
Scale Up Your Business Efficiency

Scalefusion helps retail enterprises take charge of their devices and endpoints and enables executives to operate with coherence and easy access to business-critical information.

MDM for E-Commerce

Device Lockdown

Turn your devices into single or multi-app kiosk mode and focus on what matters the most to the retail business.

MDM for E-Commerce

Remote Management

Store IT admins can remotely whitelist/blacklist websites, enable access to apps with relevance and restrict access to unwanted information.

MDM for E-Commerce

Centralized Device Management

IT admins can manage & monitor devices from a centralized dashboard to track device usage & inventory and perform routine audits.

MDM for E-Commerce

Easy and Efficient Content Management

Content like shop inventory, price lists, product updates, customer details, purchase information etc. can be uploaded & shared with executives, remotely.

MDM for E-Commerce

Proactive Real-time Communication

Enables the device users and IT admins to communicate via VoIP calls, chat & notifications to share important information or updates.

MDM for E-Commerce

Remote Monitoring of Apps, Content, and Devices

IT admins can remotely monitor and manage devices and can wipe or distribute apps, content or data as required.

MDM for E-Commerce

Safety and Compliance First

Ensure that your devices operate in compliance with government regulations and follow other internal security and corporate data policies.

MDM for E-Commerce

Real-Time Device Tracking

Gain visibility of your devices through real-time location tracking to avoid theft or loss of devices and the data.

MDM for E-Commerce

Remote Connection and Support

Remote cast and control allow store staff to get immediate IT help to solve any device or functionality related issues.

Boost Retail Sales & Amplify Customer Experience with Scalefusion

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Scalefusion Delivers Results with Apt Business Benefits

Improved Sales and Staff Productivity

Sales people using managed mobile devices are better enabled to close sales cycles.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Retail kiosks and tablets empower customers to interact in improved ways to make decisions.

Amplified Brand Engagement

Managed devices augments brand-customer engagement through apt content management.

Strengthen Your Mobile-first Strategy for Maximum Business Profits and Minimum IT Challenges

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