Conditional Email Access is a policy that enables your IT admins to restrict user access to the corporate mailboxes if users fail to enroll their devices in the organization's Mobile Device Management Solution. Conditional Email Access is best suited in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) deployments.

Scalefusion now offers Conditional Email Access to help IT admins of organizations safeguard their corporate data better and prevent unauthorized access to business emails. With this policy IT admins can monitor managed devices that access an organization’s corporate email server and enforce all employees who have not enrolled onto the MDM software, to enroll at the earliest.

CEA with Scalefusion is end-user-friendly and flexible. CEA with Scalefusion allows IT teams to set grace period for end-users to enroll their devices with Scalefusion. Once this condition is met, users can access their corporate mailboxes. If an end-user fails to comply with Scalefusion enrollment even after the expiry of grace period, their access to mailbox from such non-compliant device is blocked to safeguard corporate email data.