Apple School Manager

Transforming Education with Apple School Manager (ASM)

Redefine device management in education with Scalefusion's smooth integration of MDM to Apple School Manager (ASM). Effortlessly digitize the learning process and discover the full potential of Apple devices in the classroom with Scalefusion-ASM support.

What is Apple School Manager?

Apple School Manager (ASM) revolutionizes the way Apple devices are managed in classrooms. This cutting-edge online platform harnesses the power of cloud technology to simplify the configuration, deployment, and management of Apple devices. By seamlessly integrating Apple VPP, DEP, and Managed Apple IDs, ASM streamlines device deployment and content distribution, making it an indispensable tool for educators.

apple school manager

The Role of ASM in Driving Learning Outcomes

Managed Apple ID

Apple School Manager generates a Managed Apple ID for each student, granting access to services like iCloud and iTunes without individual Apple IDs. It also simplifies device provisioning.

Provisioning Shared iPads

Apple School Manager enables institutions to set up shared iPads for multiple students, who can access their personalized accounts through unique passcodes, making switching between users quick and secure.

Simplified Content Distribution

Enables IT administrators to effortlessly purchase and deploy apps and content to students' devices.

Scalefusion MDM and Apple School Manager

Scalefusion MDM for Education combined with ASM, empowers teachers and admins with flexibility to fully control and secure student devices, leading to enhanced device management.

apple school manager

Simplified Device Enrollment

Enroll devices in bulk by using the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) or out-of-the-box enrollment available with Apple School Manager.

Comprehensive User Management

IT admins can assign roles and privileges, create Managed Apple IDs. Any Student Information System (SIS) can also be directly integrated with ASM

Implementing Configurations and Device Restrictions

Institutes can link ASM to Scalefusion MDM to restrict device misuse and block unwanted apps or content.

Content Distribution

With Scalefusion’s simplified content management, you can distribute learning content and iBooks to student devices.

Application Management

Simplify the management and distribution of applications in bulk with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Track and manage the applications even after the deployment.

Frequently Asked Questions

MDM to Apple School Manager functions in tandem with a mobile device management solution so educational institutions can purchase their required online content in terms of books and apps in bulk, assign them to students or devices, and remotely install and update the content, even when the App Store is deactivated.

Apple School Manager enables zero-touch deployment of Apple devices enrolled into a mobile device management (MDM) solution without the physical presence of IT admins or user intervention. Apple School Manager supports Mac labs, Apple TV and shared iPads.

Purchasing apps in Apple School Manager is pretty straightforward. Just follow the below steps:
-Select the book or app from search
-Select the device location where the book or app licenses will be assigned
-Enter the required number of licenses and choose your preferred payment method
-Click ‘buy’

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