Track devices in Real-Time with Scalefusion Geofencing

Enforce geofence settings to keep track of all your enterprise devices remotely. Get real-time alerts in case any device moves out of the geofenced area. All of this, sitting anywhere around the world.

What is Geofencing?

What is Geofencing?


IT administrators can use geofencing to define policy inclusion and exclusion zones. Profiles with restrictions specified by the admin are automatically applied to devices upon entering the geofence and revoked upon exiting.

Platforms supported

Multiple Geofence Type

Scalefusion custom geofencing makes it easy for IT admins to mark geofences of any shape and dimension within a few clicks.

Circular Geofence

Create circular geofences with a minimum radius of 100 m. You can either draw a circular geofence or select a point and the geofence radius from that point.

Polygonal Geofence

Create custom geofences of any shape and size. Be it a particular building that needs to be put in the geofence or an entire country, you can draw geofences of any shape and size with Polygonal Geofences.

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Geofence based Device Profile


With Scalefusion, Admins can configure profiles that will be applied to a device upon entering and leaving a Geofence, irrespective of the current device profile.Prevent data breaches within your organization. Enable apps and give them access to data when the device enters a secure Geofence, and revoke access to the same when the device exits the Geofence.

Geofence based Device Profile

Reports & Logs

Get insights into Geofence logs and device movement with Scalefusion Reports

Geofence Logs

Get detailed logs of all activity on your created geofences

Device Compliance Logs

Schedule and generate reports of devices when they move in and out of the geofence.

Reports & Logs

Tailor-Made for Diverse Industries and Use-Cases


Transport & Logistics


Electronic Logging Device (ELD)




Field Workers

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