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Scalefusion MDM for macOS Enable your IT teams to secure and manage Mac devices with easy enrollment, automated application installation, macOS specific restrictions and a wide range of security settings.

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MacOS Management

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Every Business Use Case for macOS Devices Covered

Dynamic businesses of today use a variety of device ownership models, from providing employees with company-owned macOS devices to allowing employees to use their personal Apple devices (BYOD) at work. Leverage the flexibility to support every business use case and device ownership models.

macos mdm


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program allows your employees to use their personal MacBooks and MacBook Pro for work.

macos mdm


Corporate-owned deployments are ideal when you want to give macOS devices to your employees for work.

Secure & Powerful macOS MDM Features

Explore powerful features for effectively managing macOS devices used for work. Iron grip the device inventory, simplify macOS management and make way for employee productivity.

Content Filtering

Configure web-clips, enforce strict whitelisting, or use them as bookmarks.

Parental Controls

Configure Curfews and set time-limits and prevent scheduled access to the managed Mac devices.

Configure Restrictions

Gain granular control on the Mac usage and functionality. Restrict media sharing and connections to Apple Products such as watch and iTunes.

Hard Disk Media Access

Configure settings for hard disk, external disks and DVD-RAM media access

Email & Exchange Settings

Push email and exchange settings. Enable employees to quickly access work emails.

Network Settings

Attest network security. Push trusted Wi-Fi network settings on managed devices.

User Management

Manage Mac user accounts directly from dashboard without visiting individual workstations

Pin Rotation

Easily rotate and reset Mac PINs to enhance device and data security protocols.

Shell Script

Easily create, deploy, and manage custom scripts to simplify tasks and automate processes.

mac OS MDM

OS Update and Upgrade for macOS Devices

Manage OS updates and patches for your devices running on macOS. Identify, push, and check the status of patches on every device from a single dashboard.Push updates instantly or give the users a grace period to apply the updates.

Experience Mac Management Software Driven by Simplicity

Executed Shell Scripting on macOS

Shell Scripting Made Easy with Scalefusion

Effortlessly create and deploy custom scripts for your macOS devices. From PowerShell to Shell scripting, Scalefusion has you covered. Monitor the execution status of each script from the dashboard and manage them seamlessly. Utilize scripts to streamline tasks, automate processes, or consolidate common actions into one.

shell scripting

Dynamic Scripting

Say goodbye to individual scripts for each device or user. IT admins can configure dynamic values tailored to specific devices or users.

Scheduled Scripting

Simplify your workflow by writing and scheduling scripts to run at designated times, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Sage AI Integration

Harness the power of Scalefusion Sage AI to generate bespoke scripts instantly, all within the Scalefusion dashboard.

Mac Device Management

Simplified Enrollment To Deploy Your macOS Devices at Scale

Enable your employees to use their Apple devices out of the box without intervention from the IT team. Provision MacBooks and iMacs straight out of the box using Apple Business Manager (formerly Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

Import users from G Suite and Office 365 and quickly onboard Endpoint devices on the Scalefusion platform. No deployment is too big – or small.

mac device Management
mac Management with Remote Control

Seamlessly Troubleshoot your macOS Devices with Remote Control

Scalefusion Mac MDM can resolve device issues over the air with macOS remote control feature. Mirror remote macOS device screens with Remote Cast and Control to resolve issues instantly. Capture screenshots, record casting sessions and create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms.

Mac Management Software

Take Control of Your macOS Fleet with Scalefusion MDM for Mac

mac device Management Tools
Application Distribution & Management

Apps for Your Business,
Delivered With Ease

Do more with your Mac machines. Commission work apps and accelerate your workforce productivity instantly. Experience seamless app management on managed macOS devices with Scalefusion Mac MDM.

  • Apple App Store: Search and distribute macOS applications from the Apple App Store to the managed macOS devices.

  • Volume Purchase Program: Deploy apps in bulk using the Apple Volume Purchase Program.

  • PKG File Support: Push in-house apps by uploading PKG files to Scalefusion enterprise store.

mac device Management Solution
Secure Mac Device Management Solution

Protect Corporate Information Through Robust Security Policies

Scalefusion Mac Management software for Enterprise offers a variety of security policies that help your IT team to secure corporate data and prevent data leakage.

FileVault Settings

Protect data on macOS devices. Leverage the built-in Full Disk Encryption program and encrypt the device disk.

Gatekeeper Settings

Control app downloads on device from the Mac app store as well as from identified developers.

Firewall Settings

Enable firewall settings to secure the connections between the applications and network ports on the managed Mac endpoints.

macOS MDM for Education

Enable Immersive Learning Experience With Mac MDM

Provision Endpoints used in the classroom and for remote learning. Help students access educational resources and apps without worrying about distractions and security. Power student macBooks to make learning engaging and hurdle-free.

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Scalefusion Supports the Entire Mac Management Lifecycle

Manage a diverse device inventory from a single console. Pick and provision devices your business needs, and your employees love.

Enrollment and Configuration

Apple Business Manager
DEP Enrollment
Email Based Enrollment
Azure AD User Enrollment

Security and Control

Password Policies
Gatekeeper Settings
FileVault Settings
Wi-Fi & Certificates
Restrictions & OS Update

Application Management

Mac App Store
VPP Apps
PKG App Deployment
In-house App Deplyment

End of life/
Retire Devices

Remove Enrollment
Wipe Device

Frequently Asked Questions

MDM for Mac refers to the management and control of Apple Mac computers using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. MDM for Mac allows IT admins to manage and secure a fleet of Mac computers centrally. With MDM for Mac, IT admins can enforce policies, configure settings, and perform various tasks remotely on managed Macs.

MDM Mac Agent refers to a software agent that is part of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution specifically designed for managing macOS devices, such as Mac computers. MDM solutions allow administrators to remotely manage and control a fleet of devices, enforce security policies, distribute applications, and perform various other administrative tasks.

To determine if your Mac has a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile installed, you can follow these steps: A: Open the Apple menu in the top-left corner and select System Preferences. B: In System Preferences, look for an icon labeled Profiles or Device Management. Click it to open the Profiles pane.
If your Mac has an MDM profile installed, you will see it listed in the Profiles pane.

Yes, it is possible to remove a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile from a Mac. However, the ability to remove the profile may depend on various factors, such as the level of control and restrictions imposed by the MDM solution and the permissions granted to the user.

Yes, resetting a Mac to factory settings typically removes the Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile along with all other data and configurations on the device. A factory reset restores the Mac to its original state, effectively erasing all user data, settings, applications, and profiles, including any MDM profiles that may be installed.

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