Android Kiosk Mode

Android Kiosk Mode to Prevent Unauthorized Access & Limit Excess Data Costs

Scalefusion Kiosk Mode app allows you to lockdown Android devices into kiosk mode, restrict access to apps & websites on devices to ensure device and data security.

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Lockdown Android Tablets Into Kiosk Mode (Single & Multi App Mode)

Control the apps enabled or disabled on the devices. Lock devices into single or multi-app kiosk mode for dedicated business use.

  • Multi App Kiosk Mode: Multi App mode enables you to allow two or more apps on the Android device, blocking the rest. Ideal for customer-facing and frontline use-cases.

  • Single App Kiosk Mode: Single App Mode locks the device to a single application. Block hardware keys, navigation and make the device run exclusively for your business.

  • Custom Branding: Make an impression by reflecting your company branding on your kiosk devices. Customize wallpapers, color schemes and app icon sizes.

Kiosk Mode Lockdown on Tablets, Mobile Devices & Android mPOS

Manage diverse device types running on Android OS 4.0.3 & above with Android kiosk app.

Manage Android-based POS

mPOS Management Made Simple

Using Scalefusion Kiosk App, secure and manage Android-based POS from a cloud-based dashboard. Scale your retail and fasten payments using modern POS systems locked into single-app mode.

Android Phone/Tablet Kiosk mode

Deploy, Secure & Manage Multiple Android Devices

Provision devices used by your employees and fieldforce with business apps and content. Quickly enroll devices in single or multi-app mode using Android Tablet Kiosk mode. Prevent distractions, increase productivity.

Configure Android Rugged Devices

Promote Device Performance in Tough Environments

Configure rugged devices designed to work in extreme weather and harsh environments. Provision business apps and content, create security and usage settings to optimize the operations and performance of Android rugged devices using Scalefusion Kiosk mode.

Manage Android TV boxes and TV sticks

Turn Your Android TV Box Into Digital Signage

With Scalefusion Kiosk App, run interactive ads and engaging content on your Android TV. Stream videos and presentation on TV boxes and TV sticks powered by Android.

Manage Kindle Fire devices

Pave Way for Learning With Kindle Fire

Help students learn in like never before. Manage Kindle Fire devices with Scalefusion Kiosk Apps. Lock the devices to educational apps and unleash the creativity within students!

Business Apps Bundled With Your Android Kiosk Mode Solution

Manage the entire lifecycle of Android apps in your business. Push and delete mission-critical applications as per the organization's operational needs with Scalefusion Application Management. Elevate the workforce productivity and reduce corporate asset risks exponentially.

  • Managed Play Store: Install PWAs and business apps directly from Google Play Store.

  • Scalefusion Enterprise Store: Add and publish in-house and externally sourced apps through Android APK files uploading on the Scalefusion dashboard.


Silently distribute and install Android applications over the air. Also, schedule app publication without end-user interference.


Remotely schedule the application and updates from the holistic dashboard.

App Config

Configure the data and settings of deployed applications from the security point of view.

Android Kiosk Mode with Remote Cast & Control

Remotely monitor and capture the terminal Android mobile screens of the devices in real-time. With the Remote Cast and Control feature of Scalefusion, instantly troubleshoot and enhance the productivity of the on-field workforce to reduce the downtime IT costs.

Android Kiosk Mode with Remote cast and control

VOIP Calling

Troubleshoot errors step by step with the remote workforce over VoIP calls.

File Sync

Upload, delete or access any device files directly from the dashboard. Sync the changes with a single click.

Support Tickets

Upload context assistance requirement tickets on the integrated ITSM tools.

Turn Android Device into Kiosk Mode

Enable Kiosk Mode on Your Single-Purpose Android Devices

IT teams can now secure their device fleets against misuse, prevent unauthorized access and allow only business-specific apps using Android Kiosk App.

Location Tracking

Track device location. Create geofences for enhanced monitoring.

Factory Reset Protection

Disable factory reset to protect device from misuse.

Block Apps

Prevent access only to non-work and entertainment apps.

Detect Compliance Violations

Schedule periodic compliance checks to monitor violations.

Remote Wipe/Factory Reset

Prevent misuse of devices against unauthorized Factory resets on the devices.

Password-protected Kiosk Mode

Enforce passcode policies to prevent unauthorized access.

Kiosk Management

Manage a fleet of Kiosks & Monitor Group or Individual Kiosk with Scalefusion.

Device Profiles

Create & apply robust set of policies to exercise granular control.

Apply Geofences

Create single or multiple geofences to keep a track of device location.

Kiosk Browser Management

Block access to non-business websites. Configure browser settings for added security.

Network Settings

Configure Wi-Fi network, hotspot and data roaming settings.

Device Security

Block factory reset, control hardware buttons, prevent screenshots of work apps and enforce passwords.

Android Kiosk Mode in Healthcare Apps

Single or Multi-App Kiosk Mode for Healthcare Apps

Lockdown frontline healthcare devices to healthcare apps and pave the way for digital record keeping, contextual diagnosis, and seamless communication. Equip seniors and patients with Android devices for communication and remote health monitoring.

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What is Android Kiosk Mode?

Android Kiosk Mode is a lockdown mechanism that converts Android devices to single-purpose dedicated devices that are provisioned with pre-approved applications and websites.

How Android Kiosk Mode Works?

On Smartphones & Tablets, Android Kiosk Mode works by replacing the default home screen with a customizable Scalefusion launcher screen. Scalefusion custom launcher restricts user access to recent apps tray, Android notification menu & settings.

Benefits of Kiosk Mode for Android Devices

Scalefusion restricts the users from accessing unnecessary data consuming apps such as games, device settings or even the notification bar on the device.

Enable Kiosk Mode on Android Devices using Scalefusion