Get Quick and Deep Insights into
Your Device Inventory

Stay updated and informed with the help of DeepDive, and get a 360-degree overview of the entire device inventory. Leverage vital device-related intelligence and take quick and effective actions for enhanced device management.

We Believe Power comes from Simplicity

Get deep insights into your inventory. Gain platform-wide visibility, data usage details, and compliance-violation data, via a simple, clear and engaging interface using DeepDive.

Get Real-Time Visibility of Your Devices

Obtain a comprehensive and insightful summary of your device inventory along with real-time data about the device health, security, data usage, compliance, and other crucial information with DeepDive.

Platform Summary
Available Battery
Available Storage
Compliance Violations
Data Usage
Last Connected Stats
Enterprise App Space
Content Management Space

Get a Holistic Overview of All Your Scalefusion Managed Devices