Mobile Device Management for Logistics

Keep a close eye on your enterprise devices, organize apps and
content for work, secure your corporate data from misuse.

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Managing a Perimeter-less Device Inventory Can
Be Frustrating

Ensuring Company-Owned Mobile Devices Are Used for Business-Purpose Is Challenging

Distracted Employees

Digital devices with access to the internet are a
corridor to employee distractions

Data Costs

Devices without control equal to boundless data
wasted on non-business apps

Asset Tracking

Tracking the location of devices in real-time to keep
a check on the device sanity is critical

MDM for Logistics

Data and Device Security

The device and the corporate data on it is
susceptible to loss, theft or misuse

Troubleshooting costs

Resolving issues on remote devices burdens the
IT teams and adds up to the costs

Empower Your Field Force With Mobile Devices

Manage Them to Ensure Workforce Productivity & Reduced Maintenance Costs

Lock Devices to Business Apps

Allow only business apps. Prevent distractions and
excess data costs

Enforce Location Services

Turn on location services and always track the
entire device inventory in real-time

Make Passwords Compulsory

Impose a password policy to restrict unauthorized
access to device and data

Remotely Resolve Issues

Troubleshoot devices over the air. Mirror and
control device screens remotely

Track Device Inventory

Receive automated reports on compliance alerts.
Detect security incidents on devices

Wipe-off Business Data

For lost or stolen devices, remotely delete
corporate data preventing misuse

Team Communication in Logistics

Drive Engagement Within Your

Keep Your Field-Force Abreast With Enterprise Updates

Your field-forces spend hours away from the conventional office. Lack of communication with the team can create disengagement in your drivers and logistics employees. Offer a streamlined communication tool for your employees to communicate and collaborate. Improve employee engagement without adding to your cellular or data costs.

  • Populate Corporate Contact Lists
  • Block Non-Work Calls
  • Enable Encrypted Communication
  • Send/Receive Texts, Images, Voice Messages, Files

Comply with the ELD Mandate

Maintain Security of Your Device Fleet

Install Electronic Logging Devices on your trucking and commercial devices. Maintain digital records of Hours of Service (HOS) and Records of Duty Status (RODS). Help your drivers stay focused on the road. Lock the devices deployed to logistics employees to the Electronic Logbook App. Block the rest.

MDM solution for Logistics

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