Your Mobile Security. Now Elevated With Check Point MTD

Together, Check Point Harmony Mobile and Scalefusion UEM guarantee an unparalleled security framework that keeps your corporate data safe and your devices protected from any potential threats, ensuring seamless business operations.

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Your Devices, Protected & Powered: MTD Within a UEM Solution

Get a solution that combines a powerful UEM with a robust MTD solution. Scalefusion's integration with Check Point Harmony Mobile provides a unified platform for managing, monitoring, and controlling your iOS and Android devices while also defending and securing them against potential threats.

Security First, Second and Third

Prevent any impending attacks from causing harm to your enterprise mobility ecosystem. With the Check Point integration, get real-time mobile security. Check Point Harmony Mobile defends against the most imminent threats:

  • Blocks malicious apps and file downloads.

  • Protects against malware and phishing attacks.

  • Eliminates "Man in the Middle" attacks.

  • Prevents infected devices from accessing corporate assets and resources.

  • Detects and prevents advanced jailbreaking and rooting techniques.

  • Detects operating system vulnerabilities (CVE) and misinformation.

Learn How to Integrate Check Point Harmony Mobile Into Scalefusion UEM

Increase Your Mobile Security With
Check Point MTD Integration


App & File Protection

Detects and blocks the download of malicious apps in real-time and prevents malware from infecting employees’ devices.


Network Protection

With On-device Network Protection, businesses stay ahead of emerging threats by extending industry-leading network security technologies to mobile devices.


OS & Device Protection

By providing real-time risk assessments, devices are shielded from compromise by detecting attacks, managing vulnerabilities (CVE), monitoring configuration changes or insecure settings, and identifying advanced rooting and jailbreaking attempts.

How does MTD help Businesses


Quick & Seamless Integration

Integrate Check Point Harmony Mobile with Scalefusion in seconds. From auto-installation, silent configuration and publishing, Scalefusion takes care of the rest.


Multiple Security Checkpoints

Define a security policy that covers multiple attack vectors across Android and iOS from the Harmony Mobile portal.


Automatic and Updated Risk Scoring

Keep a tab on the device posture simply by looking at the consolidated summary or device reporting.


Automatic Remediation

Set up quarantine groups to automatically restrict device usage or adjust policies based on the risk score.


Why MTD?

Automated checks for encryption

Detect device anomalies and data leakage

Monitor network packets to identify threats

Initiate corrective actions

Keep corporate devices & data secure

Detect malicious network behavior

Integrate Checkpoint MTD on Your Scalefusion Dashboard