Robust Security For Banking and Finance Devices

Provision, manage and secure devices used in banking
Used by your knowledge workers and frontline/fieldforce staff.

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Manage Mobile Architecture in BFSI for Improved Governance

Device Provisioning
Device Provisioning

Drive Bulk Enrollment,
Your Way

Provision diverse devices used in banking and financial services with business apps and content, with minimal IT intervention.

  • Zero-touch, out-of-the-box provisioning

  • Management of fully-managed, COPE as well as BYO devices

  • On-prem provisioning for legacy provisioning

Application Management

Business Apps,
Made Accessible

Make mobile devices used in BFSI business-ready by installing public as well as private, native apps. Push business app containers on BYO devices.

  • Play for Work and Play Store for Android

  • App Store and VPP for Apple devices

  • Windows Business Store for Windows devices

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) support

  • Enterprise App Store for native apps.

Business Apps Made Accessible
Kiosk Lockdown

Amplify Staff Productivity
and Customer Experience

Ensure that the corporate devices are strictly used for banking purposes. Reduce employee distractions and improve customer experience.

  • Lockdown your devices to core banking, finance or insurance apps

  • Block access to non-business apps and websites

  • Publish up-to-date business content and files remotely in real-time

  • Provision Account Opening kiosks for improved customer service


Secure, As It Should Be

Prevent unauthorized access to in-store devices. Keep your inventory data, retail apps and content secure and confidential. Protect devices from being lost or stolen with factory reset protection, location tracking and security alerts.


Experience Fast and Secure MDM for Banking and Finance with Scalefusion

Instant Assistance Delivered
Remote Troubleshooting

Instant Assistance, Delivered

Resolve device-level and app-level errors that slow down the banking operations. Extend instant support to devices spread over huge branch networks.

  • Mirror device screens on the admin dashboard

  • Push files, take control and navigate on the device as if handheld

  • Extend step-by-step instructions over VoIP call

  • Create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM

Reports, Groups & DeepDive

Banking Operations,

  • Create device groups and subgroups for selective policy applications

  • Offload device management with role-based access on the dashboard

  • Set automated compliance alerts and schedule regular device performance reports


Digitalize your Banking and Finance Model for the Next-Gen