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Full Screen Kiosk Browser for iPad & iPhone

ProSurf Kiosk Browser is a secure browser for iOS that locks down your iPad & iPhone into the full screen by allowing access to only specific websites. You can run ProSurf Kiosk Browser in Kiosk Mode and turn your iPad into an interactive public kiosk.

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The Power of ProSurf

Utilize the ProSurf Kiosk Browser to establish an engaging kiosk experience, transforming iPads/iPhones into public kiosks. Our iOS Kiosk browser empowers you to limit users to designated websites, fostering a secure browsing environment on iOS devices.

Whitelisting Websites

Allow users to access only specific set websites and restrict access to all other websites.

Hide Address Bar

Hide the ProSurf Kiosk Browser’s address bar to block users from typing URLs.

Enable Incognito Mode

ProSurf Browser won't save your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered in forms.

Clear Browser Cache

You can remotely clear the ProSurf browser cache on all the iOS devices and protect user’s privacy.

Run in Full Screen Mode

Prefer if you want to run ProSurf in full screen or disable it to allow space for notification bar.

Single or Multi-Tab Support

Choose if the website is allowed to open in new tab or the page is loaded in current tab.

iOS Kiosk Browser Capabilities

Create an Immersive Kiosk experience by using ProSurf Kiosk Browser that allows you to turn iPads/iPhones into public kiosks. Our iOS Kiosk browser allows you to restrict users to specific websites and create a safe browsing environment on iOS devices.

URL Shortcuts

You can create URL shortcuts of the multiple websites that you have approved and they will be displayed inside the ProSurf Browser. It allows users to easily navigate to those websites.

Showcase Your Website in Prosurf Kiosk Browser

ProSurf is ideal for showcasing web-friendly content and media, like HTML pages, video etc when using iPads as self-service web kiosks and data collection terminals.

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ProSurf iPad Kiosk Browser

ProSurf Kiosk Browser is used across the wide variety of projects like public information kiosks, museum exhibits, and trade shows, etc where iPad is made available to visitors.

For Public Kiosks

Deliver interactive digital experience to your customers by turning iOS devices into single-purpose interactive kiosks. You can deliver online surveys, display product website or allow in-store digital purchases with the ProSurf Kiosk Browser.

For Enterprise

ProSurf iOS Kiosk Browser safeguards data and increases employee productivity by controlling access to public websites on iOS devices. You can block access to data consuming and non-business related sites like YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Manage ios kiosk browser remotely

Manage iOS Devices Remotely

ProSurf Kiosk Browser for iOS is an add-on app of Scalefusion MDM Solution. Using Scalefusion MDM, you can centralize the control and management of your iPads & iPhones. You can remotely update apps, track device locations, control branding, publish content to the devices. With ProSurf and Scalefusion MDM solution you can efficiently manage your fleet of kiosks and deliver an interactive digital experience to your customers.

Lock down Your iPad To One Website

Running a website in single app mode ensures that users cannot exit/close that website.

Lockdown iPad & iPhone to One or Single Website

Secure your browsing experience with ProSurf

Frequently Asked Questions

ProSurf Kiosk Browser is a specialized web browser for iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones. Unlike traditional browsers, ProSurf locks your device into a secure, full-screen kiosk mode, allowing access only to specific, whitelisted websites. This makes it ideal for public information kiosks, enterprise use, and other controlled environments

ProSurf Kiosk Browser offers multiple layers of security to safeguard user data and device integrity. Features like website whitelisting, incognito mode, and hidden address bars restrict unauthorized access and protect user privacy, making it a secure choice for public and enterprise settings.

Yes, ProSurf Kiosk Browser integrates seamlessly with Scalefusion MDM Solution, allowing you to manage multiple iOS devices from a centralized dashboard. You can update apps, track device locations, and publish content remotely, making fleet management efficient and hassle-free.

ProSurf allows you to whitelist any website essential for your business or public service. This could range from your company's internal portals to specific informational or e-commerce websites. The whitelisting feature ensures users can only access sites that you have approved, maintaining a secure browsing environment.

Hiding the address bar in ProSurf is a straightforward process accessible through the settings menu. This feature prevents users from manually entering URLs, limiting access to only the websites you've whitelisted.

Yes, ProSurf offers a full-screen mode that eliminates distractions and focuses the user's attention on the content. This is particularly useful for kiosk setups where you want to offer an immersive user experience.

ProSurf Kiosk Browser supports both single and multi-tab browsing. You can choose whether a website can open in a new tab or if the page should load in the current tab, giving you greater control over the user's browsing experience.

ProSurf Kiosk Browser can significantly enhance employee productivity by restricting access to non-business-related websites. Its integration with Scalefusion MDM allows for easy device management, making it a comprehensive solution for enterprises looking to secure and streamline their operations

Getting started with ProSurf is easy. Simply visit our website to schedule a demo or click the 'Get Started' button to begin your journey toward a more secure and efficient browsing environment.