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Enterprise Mobility
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Scalefusion EMM Software is a trusted partner for driving Enterprise Mobility Management for organizations across the globe. Secure and manage company-owned as well as BYO devices with Scalefusion and augment employee productivity and efficiency.

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Manage everything that runs on Android with security and confidence. We are now an Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solution.

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What is Scalefusion EMM?

Scalefusion EMM Software enables an organization to implement perimeter-less Mobility Strategy by providing one platform to manage and secure endpoints, enterprise communications suite and set of capabilities to streamline device management operations.

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Secure and Manage Your Devices for Business With Scalefusion EMM Solution

With Scalefusion EMM solution, you can manage and secure diverse Android, iOS, Windows and macOS devices used in your organization. It empowers IT admins to manage various endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, POS, and digital signages through a single management platform.

Secure Corporate Data With Robust Security Policies

With our EMM solution, IT administrators can create strong policies and device settings to secure corporate data and impede data leakage.

Enforce Passcode Policy

Enforce strong password policies to protect critical company data stored on mobile devices.

SafetyNet Attestation

Perform Android device integrity, security, and compatibility check and assign policies accordingly.

MDM Kiosk Mode

IT admin can lock a device into single or multi-app Kiosk Mode and prevent access to system settings or any other apps.

Factory Reset Protection

Allow/block the specific Google Accounts that can be used to sign-in to the device if they are factory reset.

Control Screen Capture

Restrict your employees from taking screenshots of work apps on their personal devices

Configure Wi-Fi Settings

Push Wi-Fi settings, blocking device connection to unidentified networks.

Detect Compliance Violations

Empower the IT admin to detect any compliance violations and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Remote Wipe/Factory Reset

Allow the IT administrator to remote wipe/factory reset device to prevent data loss or theft.

Security Incidents Monitoring

Monitor security breaches like forceful SIM card swap or unsuccessful exit incident from the Kiosk Mode.

Restrict Profile Removal

Prevent users from removing MDM Profile from the Apple Devices. This feature is available only on Apple DEP Devices.

Administrator Activity Logs

Get insights into the activities performed by administrator on the Scalefusion dashboard.

Data Sharing Restrictions

Restrict users from copying/sharing data or documents from work apps to personal apps.

Experience Ease of Enterprise Mobility Management with Scalefusion

Seamless App Distribution and Management

Install apps relevant to your business. Distribute apps to your device fleet from App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Business Store via Scalefusion dashboard.

Push in-house app as APK files, IPA files, PList links, PKG files, UWP files or MSI files from the dashboard. Install apps silently on devices eliminating the need for device-user approval.

Shared Devices: One Device, Many Users

IT teams can create a collaborative workforce that expedites procedures, enforces order, and facilitates shift-based device usage with device sharing. Get highly secured access with device sharing to guarantee that user privacy and data are never breached, misused or compromised.

Shared Device

Scalefusion OneIdP: UEM-Integrated Identity and Access Management Solution

Bring the power of enterprise mobility management (EMM) and identity and access management (IAM) to your business with Scalefusion OneIdP. Enhance security and compliance by simplifying identity and access management with directory services, access management, and single sign-on (SSO).

Steadfast Device Compliance & Policy Enforcement

Exercise total control. Systematize device enrollment and enforce policies. Equip the devices with business-driven apps, monitor device performance & extend quick fixes for device issues.

Effortless Device

Curate business-specific policies and restrictions. The policies will be applied on the devices on activation.

  • Configure Wi-fi settings to secure sharing & connectivity

  • Extend uninterrupted access to business emails with Exchange, POP and IMAP

  • Automatically install required business apps on the devices

Device Compliance & Policy Enforcement

Design policies pertinent for various ownership types or OS with essential restrictions, passcode settings and relevant apps.

  • Configure device passcode policy

  • Add bookmarks of frequently accessed websites

  • Wipe-off business data on retired devices

Dynamic Policies &

Using Scalefusion Workflows, assign dynamic policies and schedule recurring tasks to run on devices without any scripting or coding.

  • Schedule dynamic policy application on managed devices

  • Schedule time-based lock/unlock of Kiosk devices

  • Schedule routine reboot of unattended kiosks

Device Enrollment Methods supported in Enterprise Mobility Management

Streamlined Device Onboarding To Manage Your Device Fleet

Email based
Android Zero-touch
ROM based Enrollment
QR Code/URL based
Apple DEP
GSuite based
Google AfW based
IMEI based
Office 365 based
Windows Autopilot

Scalefusion Adapts to Your Diverse Needs

Enterprise Mobility Software with Device Troubleshooting

Don’t lose business productivity caused by device errors. Remotely troubleshoot device issues and shorten device downtime for remote workforce and frontline employees. Mirror device screens on the dashboard and on select devices, take screen control.

enterprise mobility management

VOIP Calling

Extend step-by-step guidelines to resolve device issues

File Sync

Sync device files, push or delete files and setup files

Support Tickets

Create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM tool

Context-driven Information & Insights with DeepDive

The Scalefusion dashboard is a solitary platform for gaining insights and context-driven device data. Monitor device health and keep a check on compliance violations with DeepDive.


Cost-effective Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Simple Pricing. No Setup Fees. Free Customer Support.

Scalefusion Enterprise Mobility Management Solution has the most competitive Total Cost of Ownership in the market. No onboarding fees.

Essentials Plan


Per Device/Per Month* *Billed Annually Only

Plan Includes

  • Android, iOS, Windows, macOS & Linux support

  • Agent Mode & Kiosk Lockdown

  • Application Management

  • Live Location

  • Deepdive & Reports

  • Free Customer Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise mobility management or EMM is defined as a group of enterprise resources, including technology, people and process, involved in managing cellular networks, mobile devices and other related business services. With the growing number of employees who use tablets and smartphones, the need for managing and supporting these mobile devices has increased, making EMM more critical for organizations.

EMM aims to analyze how and when the available mobile devices must be integrated into organizational objectives and processes. EMM also determines how to extend support to employees when they use mobile devices at work.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) offers a unified platform to manage mobile devices that enterprises use at work. EMM works through a central console from where IT admins can manage apps, email clients, browser preferences and content on mobile devices. EMM software provides organizations with a flexible way to manage and secure enterprise devices based on organizational requirements.

All an IT admin needs to do is configure the enterprise devices to the EMM software, and they can then manage every device remotely from the EMM dashboard.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution is an important part of any organization that wants to embrace digital transformation. As enterprises move to new remote or hybrid work models, an EMM solution has become the need of the hour. EMM empowers IT professionals to effectively manage and support the work-from-anywhere model by automating and streamlining the management of devices a dispersed workforce uses.

Without EMM software, IT teams would struggle to address device-related issues as they will have to physically visit device locations, which is not feasible when the workforce is distributed globally.

EMM solutions offer a wide range of benefits, including
- Support for different types and forms of devices from a common platform
- Corporate data protection and security
- Regulatory compliance
- Device and data usage reports and analytics
- App store integrations
- Remote security updates
- Application of organizational policies to devices
- Cost savings for organizations with a distributed workforce
- Automation of manual and redundant IT tasks to save time
- Improved employee productivity

While many features that MDM and EMM software offer are similar in nature, there are some basic differences. EMM software manages a device in its entirety, whereas an MDM solution is used to manage certain device features. EMM includes holistic management of all the enterprise mobile devices that employees use, including policy and security compliance, network directory integration, app customization, etc. An MDM solution, on the other hand, helps IT admins manage and secure devices via device profiles created in the MDM dashboard.

Manage Enterprise Mobility With Scalefusion EMM Solution