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Ensure world-class user experience on your enterprise apps coupled with security. Leverage Scalefusion Android MDM SDK - a completely secure and powerful suite of APIs introduced to simplify the enterprise application development.

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Manage everything that runs on Android with security and confidence. We are now an Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solution.

What is Scalefusion
Android MDM SDK?

As Android OS moves to become more and more privacy-centric, certain APIs and device information have been deprecated and made available only for the MDM apps such as Scalefusion.

Scalefusion Android MDM SDK empowers organizations and app developers to access the data points that are not exposed to them. The completely secure and full-proof developer API enables enterprise apps that are authorized by Scalefusion to leverage these data points to get the device information and perform a wide variety of actions (like launching the wifi screen, toggling mobile data, toggle hotspot, etc.) locally on a device. This ensures that the users can perform the actions from inside the app itself and they do not have to switch explicitly from the internal application to perform such actions.

Do More with Your Enterprise Apps

Using the Scalefusion Android MDM SDK, you can now perform actions within the app, without having to navigate to different applications, saving the cognitive IT load as well as time spent on rewriting the application codes.

  • Launch Wifi Screen

  • Toggle Mobile Data, Hotspot, Flight Mode, Status/Notification bar

  • Install Pending APKs and Local APKs

  • Reboot the Device

  • Lock the Device

  • Power-off/Shutdown of the device


Simplify Enterprise App Development with Scalefusion Android MDM SDK