Streamline Mobile Device Management Operations in Healthcare

Manage, track, monitor & secure your enterprise and employee-owned devices with Scalefusion MDM for healthcare to drive better performance & improve patient data in accordance with the HIPAA mandate.

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Minimize Device Management Challenges in Hospitals with Scalefusion MDM for Healthcare

Scalefusion MDM solution for healthcare allows doctors and caregivers to access patient data, treatment updates and other healthcare information through securely managed handheld devices. Scalefusion effectively resolves Healthcare mobility security challenges like.

  • Protection against device misuse
  • Centralized Monitoring of Devices
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Record-keeping and mobile report management
  • Complying with Government Mandates
  • Improper document handling by caregivers
  • Threats and risks about patient data leakage
  • Device Access Control
  • Issues with Devices and Apps

Leveraging a Powerful MDM Solution for Healthcare

Scalefusion is a perfect MDM solution for healthcare that drives synergy between physicians, caregivers and IT admins to ensure enhanced patient experience and flawless communications with complete data security.

MDM for Hospitals

Proactive Real-time Communication

Caregivers can exchange messages or call each other during emergency to seek advice or share patient information in real time.

MDM for Hospitals

Safety and Compliance

Ensure that your devices operate in compliance with government regulations like HIPAA and HITECH and follow other internal company policies.

MDM for Hospitals

Go Paperless

Securely maintain electronic patients records and treatment reports and enable content-sharing between doctors and caregivers.

MDM for Hospitals

Flexibility and Security

Flexible, easy and remote device enrolling & management. The IT admin can remotely be notified about any security incidents.

MDM for Hospitals

Device Lockdown & Remote Management

Lockdown the devices used by the nurses, compounders and other caregivers by turning them into a single or multi-app mode.

MDM for Hospitals

App and Content Management

IT admin can remotely control devices by managing, updating, uninstalling and distributing apps and content to the device holders.

MDM for Hospitals

Real-Time Device

Gain visibility of your devices through real-time location tracking to ensure on-time treatments and services to improve patient experience.

MDM for Hospitals

Remote Connection and Support

Solve device issues and perform device maintenance activities remotely using remote cast & control feature with VoIP call and two-way chat.

MDM for Hospitals

Provide Access Control

Safeguard your patient and hospital data and increase doctors’ efficiency by controlling access to specific websites, apps, and documents.

MDM for Hospitals

Enterprise App Store

Push, publish and manage the necessary apps required by the physicians on the managed devices to simplify their day-to-day tasks.

Powerfully Managed Healthcare Mobile Devices to Drive Business Efficiency

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Leverage our MDM Solution for Proven Industry Benefits

Delivering Service Excellence

Latest mobile technology helps doctors and nurses take timely actions and provide right treatments to patients.

Improved Patient Experience

Organized digital treatment records with quick doctor responses significantly improve treatment quality.

Streamlined Clinical Workflow

Real-time communication and context-aware resolution promotes operational excellence with better work management.

Scalefusion MDM for Healthcare for an Augmented Patient Experience and Staff Efficiency

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