MDM for Oil, Gas and Mining

Navigate strenuous operating conditions with powerful mobile devices. Maintain your mobile device infrastructure with an equally robust MDM solution.

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Manage Rugged Mobile Devices in Oil and Petrol operations

oil and gas mobile service management software
Device Provisioning

Bulk Device Enrollment, Irrespective of Device Type

Provision rugged, custom, industry-grade devices used in the Oil, Gas and Mining industry with low IT efforts and minimal end-user intervention.

  • Out-of-the-box provisioning with Zero-touch

  • Quick device setup with an easily navigable dashboard

  • Custom branding on the devices

Application Management

Make Business Apps Available, Instantly

Eliminate deployed access to applications with Scalefusion. Install and configure public and private enterprise applications.

  • Play for Work and Play Store for Android

  • App Store and VPP for Apple devices

  • Windows Business Store for Windows devices

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) support

  • Enterprise App Store for native apps.

Business Apps Made Accessible
Content Management

Two-way File Sharing, Encrypted

Eliminate efforts spent on pushing large files over sluggish communication channels like email. Enable bulk file transfer without compromising on security.

  • Push business files, presentations and documents

  • Block content sharing outside corporate devices, emails and contacts

  • Establish a quick and easy collaboration channel with field-workers

Remote Support

Diligent Maintenance
with Low Efforts

Resolve on-site errors that slow down the oil, gas and mining operations. Provide quick remediation to diverse devices and perform safety maintenance checks

  • Mirror device screens on the admin dashboard

  • Extend step-by-step instructions over VoIP call

  • Take control of unmanned devices as if handheld

  • Create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM

remort support
location tracking
Location Tracking

Real-time Device

  • Map all the asset locations based on GPS in real-time with high accuracy

  • Set virtual barriers, monitor when devices breach a geofence

  • Track distance travelled by a device during a timeframe, total time in motion and pitstops.

Reports, Groups & DeepDive

Device Management

  • Leverage grouping capabilities and apply selective policies

  • Offload device management with role-based access on the dashboard

  • Set automated compliance alerts and schedule inspections for device performance

oil and gas access management
Kiosk Lockdown

Improve Productivity
On Site

Help your field workers stay focussed and improve customer service. Ensure security of oil, gas and mining gadgets in remote and tough conditions

  • Lockdown devices into a single or multi-app mode

  • Enable device sharing with profile switch

  • Enable strong password policies to access all devices

Hit Production Targets with Reliable Devices Managed with Scalefusion