Android TV Management

Boost Efficiency with Android TV Management by Scalefusion MDM

Leverage your Android TV boxes to their full potential with advanced management capabilities.

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Manage everything that runs on Android with security and confidence. We are now an Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solution.

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Power Up Your Android TV Management

Simplify Android TV management with Scalefusion MDM. The easy-to-use platform enables you to remotely manage and monitor your Android TV devices from a single dashboard, ensuring seamless performance and security.

  • Easy Enrollment

  • Deploy policies over the air and in bulk

  • Remote support

Android TV MDM

Turn your Android TV into a Digital Kiosk

Transform your Android TV into a powerful digital kiosk with Scalefusion MDM. Create custom kiosk layouts and showcase your products, services or information.

  • Lock device to Single or Multi-App kiosk

  • Manage Wifi and VPN configurations

  • Convert TV into a Digital Signage and run presentations

Easily Manage Your Android TV Boxes with Scalefusion MDM


Application and Content Management

Take control of the apps and content on your managed Android TV. Easily manage and distribute apps and content across your Android TV devices, ensuring consistent and secure experiences for your users.

  • Distribute public and private apps

  • Manage images, videos and presentations

  • Remotely manage app updates

Optimize Your Android TV Lifecycle with Scalefusion MDM


Easily onboard new TV’s


Deploy policies to manage apps, content, and kiosk mode


Enforce security policies and generate reports


Easily remove apps and content when it’s time to retire the device

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