Revolutionizing Businesses with Apple Business Manager

Revolutionize device management in businesses with Scalefusion's seamless integration with Apple Business Manager (ABM). Effortlessly onboard Apple devices and unlock their full potential in the workplace with Scalefusion-ABM support.

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What is Apple Business Manager?

Apple Business Manager (ABM) revolutionizes the way Apple devices are managed in the modern workplace. This cutting-edge online platform harnesses the power of cloud technology to simplify the configuration, deployment, and management of Apple devices. By seamlessly integrating Apple VPP, DEP, and Managed Apple IDs, ABM streamlines device deployment and content distribution, making it an indispensable tool for every business.

The Role of ABM in Driving Business

Managed Apple ID

Apple Business Manager generates a Managed Apple ID for each employee, granting access to services like iCloud and iTunes without individual Apple IDs.

Remote Provisioning

Apple Business Manager is designed to deploy, configure, and manage all your devices from the first boot.

Simplified Content Distribution

Enables IT administrators to effortlessly purchase and deploy apps and content to employee devices using Apple VP

Explore Scalefusion MDM capabilities for Business

Scalefusion MDM and Apple Business Manager

Scalefusion MDM for Businesses combined with ABM, empowers organizations and admins with the flexibility to fully control and secure corporate devices, leading to enhanced device management.

Simplified Device Enrollment

Enroll devices in bulk by using the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) or out-of-the-box enrollment available with Apple Business Manager.

Application Management

Simplify the management and distribution of applications in bulk with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Track and manage the applications even after the deployment.

Configurations and Device Restrictions

Organizations can leverage advanced endpoint management capabilities and Apple Business Manager with Scalefusion’s simple dashboard.

Comprehensive User Management

IT admins can assign roles and privileges and create managed Apple IDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Business Manager is a web portal that allows organizations to deploy and manage iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Apple TVs. Organizations can leverage Apple Business Manager to streamline employee access to Apple services, provision devices and their enrollment and distribute software, books and apps.

Apple Business Manager is a free service for businesses that use Apple devices. Apple Business Manager is recommended when businesses purchase Apple devices that employees will use for work. A notable fact is that Apple Business Manager works with a mobile device management solution, which comes with associated costs based on the number of Apple devices.

Apple Business Manager lets businesses purchase the required content in bulk. Be it any Apple device that employees use for work, businesses can use the Apple Business Manager to offer employees content in the form of native and custom apps or books. All the content can be distributed securely and flexibly.

Before enrolling devices, an organization needs to enroll itself in Apple Business Manager. It is a very straightforward process where one can visit the Apple Business Manager page, click ‘enroll now’ and provide the organization’s details. A verification process follows, and Apple sends an email confirming the enrollment approval. After this, businesses can use an MDM solution to enroll devices.

Yes! Apple Business Manager works with an MDM solution, which is mandatory. Businesses can use Automatic Device Enrollment (ADE) to automate MDM for seamless device enrollment. IT admins can manage device enrollment remotely and also lock the MDM for current device management of the organization.

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