Remote Troubleshooting

Extend Quick IT Support To Your Employees, Remotely

Provide instant support for remote workforce and frontline employees. Virtually troubleshoot device issues, just as you would physically.

Save Costs and Time Spent on in-Person Troubleshooting

Technical crack-ups, device or software errors, network errors and glitches hamper employee productivity. Addressing these quickly and extending resolutions for a large device inventory, spread within several geographical locations is a critical IT challenge.

With Remote Support:

  • Save on-site troubleshooting expenses

  • Provide issue resolutions, faster

  • Reduce device downtime

Cloud-based Remote Support for Enterprise Mobility

Remote Cast
Remote Control
Capture Screenshots
Take Screen Recordings
Sync Files
Create Support Tickets

Over-the-air IT Support for Android Devices

Resolve issues on Android devices with Scalefusion Remote Cast and Control. Extend quick fixes by remotely mirroring device screens on the Scalefusion dashboard. On select devices, take screen control.

  • Remotely cast device screens on the Scalefusion dashboard

  • Provide step-by-step issue resolution over VoIP call

  • Push files, download for inspection or delete files from the device

  • Take screenshots and screen recordings

  • Create context-aware support tickets

Remote Support for Windows Desktops and Laptops

Simplify device issue resolution on remote Windows devices. Control Windows device screens, perform actions and rapidly resolve device issues. Record sessions, take screenshots and create support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms.

Remote Control for macOS

Make troubleshooting of macOS devices simpler with Remote Cast & Control feature. Enable your IT teams to perform quick fixes, record sessions, take screenshots and create support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms via Scalefusion dashboard.

Troubleshoot iPads and iPhone Used for Work

Gain a better understanding of device issues. Mirror iOS device screens on the Scalefusion dashboard, take screenshots and screen recordings to examine the issue in detail.

Make IT Ticketing a Breeze

Simplify support ticketing. Integrate the ITSM tool of your choice on the Scalefusion dashboard. Create context-aware support tickets with necessary device vital information without navigating to the tool.

Resolve Device Issues With Scalefusion Remote Support