Lockdown Devices in Kiosk Mode with Scalefusion Kiosk Software

Deploy, monitor, secure & manage Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices with an industry-ready kiosk software to derive improved efficiency & heightened employee productivity.

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Desktop & Laptops

Rugged Devices

Point of Sale (POS)

Custom Devices

Power to Lockdown Diverse Devices & OS Types for Modern Business Needs

Lockdown any device ranging from mobile devices to rugged devices, POS systems, and even custom devices.

Kiosk Software for Dynamic Business Needs

Gain total control on your company-devices with a kiosk management solution to enable your IT admins to manage the kiosk devices in real-time.

Run any Application/Website in Single App Mode even when the
device reboots.

Manage multiple points of operation remotely through a
cloud-based solution.

Track device location in real-time, set geofences & receive prompt
alerts on geofence breach.

Manage multiple points of operation remotely through a cloud-based

Easily lock and unlock your devices remotely from our web-based

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A Kiosk Software for Myriad Industries

Scalefusion Kiosk Software helps organizations across industries to stay ahead of the curve by enhancing their productivity & performance with the use of digital devices.


Restrict access to unwanted apps & videos streaming on company-owned devices using Kiosk Lockdown App, track the device location in real-time.


Manage your tablets, smartphones & point of sales (POS) devices with Scalefusion by giving control to the admin to remotely enable/disable the app on the device.


Prevent students from playing games or watching videos on school-owned devices in the classroom to make the learning experience more exciting & engaging.

SMBs, Mid-Market and Large Enterprises Find Value in Scalefusion

Companies and organizations of all sizes use Scalefusion to manage their devices and endpoints in an easy way. Be it thousand, hundred thousand or a million devices, Scalefusion is robust enough to handle these device volumes and deployment complexities.