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Lockdown Devices in Kiosk Mode with Scalefusion Kiosk Software

Scalefusion kiosk software allows IT admin to lock any devices in single or multi-app kiosk mode, preventing unauthorised access and limiting excess data costs.

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Provision Devices in Single App and Multi-App Kiosk Mode

Multi-App Kiosk Mode

Multi App Mode enables you to allow two or more apps on the Android device, blocking the rest.

  • Custom Branding

  • Factory Reset Protection

  • Hide the bottom navigation bar from screen

Multi App Kiosk Mode

Single App Kiosk Mode

Run any Application/Website in Single App Mode even when the device reboots (App Always Runs).

  • Block hardware keys

  • Set Delay to Launch the App

  • Set device screen in Full Screen mode

Single App Kiosk Mode

Turn Any Device into Kiosk Mode with Scalefusion Kiosk Solution

Key Features of Scalefusion
Kiosk Software


Bring sophistication and ease to your device management efforts with Scalefusion’s key offerings.

GPS-based Location Tracking

Track Android, Windows and iOS device location in real-time. Use Open Maps or integrate Google Maps with Scalefusion dashboard.


Create and apply virtual boundaries to actual physical locations. Receive alerts when a device enters or exits a geofence.

Configure settings

Get the entire route history. Track location in Balanced Mode and High Accuracy Mode. Choose frequency of collecting location details.

IP-based Location Tracking

For macOS devices, track device location using IP address.

Push Content Files

Push up-to-date business resources in diverse file formats. Publish content files on multiple devices at once.

Create folders and subfolders

Publish content in contextual folders and subfolders for easy access.

Upload via External Drive

Save content management space by uploading file links on Scalefusion dashboard.

Create Presentations

Create interactive presentations with video, audio and image files. Play presentations on loop or set as screensavers.

Certificate Management

Push digital certificates for authenticating connections to enterprise Wi-Fi.

Enforce Passwords

Create robust password policies. Enforce password complexity and set password expiry schedule.

SafetyNet Attestation

Perform Android device integrity, security, and compatibility check and assign policies accordingly.

Control Screen Capture

Restrict your employees from taking screenshots of work apps on their personal devices.

Detect Compliance Violations

Empower the IT admin to detect any compliance violations and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Data Sharing Restrictions

Restrict users from copying/sharing data or documents from work apps to personal apps.

Automate Recurring IT Tasks

Save IT cognitive load by automating recurring IT tasks. Schedule tasks and receive real-time reports on task completion.

Detect Compliance Violations

Create automatic periodic checks for device usage and performance. Detect any compliance violations with automated alerts.

Administrator Activity Logs

Get insights into the activities performed by administrators on the Scalefusion dashboard.

Obtain Device Health Reports

Select device parameters that you want to keep a track of. Receive comprehensive reports for each.

Out of the box enrollment

Drive OOB enrollment with Android Zero-touch, Apple DEP and Windows Autopilot program for Android, Apple and Windows devices respectively.

Bulk Enrollment

Enable bulk enrollment by uploading CSV of IMEI numbers and Serial numbers on Scalefusion dashboard.

QR code-based Enrollment

Streamline device setup in a few simple steps. Enable enrollment by simply scanning a QR received over email.

AD-based Enrollment

Integrate Office 365, Azure or G Suite Active Directory to the Scalefusion dashboard. Add and invite users to device management.

EMM Token Enrollment (AFW#)

Enroll company-owned Android devices when they are unboxed or after a factory reset. Perform six taps on the device screen and scan a QR Code.

Samsung KME-based Enrollment

Streamline enrollment of Samsung devices with KME-based enrollment. Easily roll out policy configurations and automatically enroll devices in bulk.

Digital Signage Software

Hasslefree management of Digital Signage Kiosks

Manage your indoor and outdoor digital signage kiosks with Scalefusion MDM. Lock devices to a single browser tab, application, or presentation loop. Make and push content presentations directly from the Scalefusion Dashboard.

  • Run presentations using Scalefusion Presentation Mode.

  • Remotely cast and control devices for remote troubleshooting.

digital signage
Remote Application Management

Seamless App Distribution and Management with Kiosk Mode Software

Push business apps with ease. Install applications from App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Business Store via the Scalefusion dashboard.

Install in-house apps by uploading APK files, IPA files, PList links, PKG files, UWP files or MSI files on the Scalefusion Enterprise Store. Publish, delete or update apps without any end-user intervention.

Kiosk Software with Remote Control

Enable Remote Cast & Control to Troubleshoot Devices Easily with Remote Kiosk Management

Quickly resolve device issues and reduce device downtime with Remote Cast and Control. On select Android OEMs and Windows devices, mirror and take control of the device screens, perform actions and resolve issues, faster. On iOS devices, mirror device screens and resolve device issues remotely.

Take screenshots, record screen sessions and create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms.

Remote cast and control devices

Remotely Lock Any Devices in Single or Multi-Purpose Kiosk Mode

Why Choose Scalefusion Kiosk Management Software?

Our Kiosk software is user-centric, crusading to help businesses generate measurable growth, improved efficiency & reduced costs with mobility.

Save Cost, Increase

Upkeep device performance to improve productivity by troubleshooting device issues remotely.

Reduced Manual
IT Work

Provision devices in bulk, improve IT productivity by automating data-driven compliance checks & security alerts.

Start Managing Devices in
20 Minutes

Easy-to-use solution with a short learning curve, facilitated with an industry-leading support to ensure faster time-to-market.


Businesses Across the Globe Trust Scalefusion to Manage their Mobility

A Kiosk Software for Myriad Industries

Scalefusion Kiosk Software helps organizations across industries to stay ahead of the curve by enhancing their productivity & performance with the use of digital devices.


Restrict access to unwanted apps & videos streaming on company-owned devices using Kiosk Lockdown App, track the device location in real-time.


Manage your tablets, smartphones & point of sales (POS) devices with Scalefusion by giving control to the admin to remotely enable/disable the app on the device.


Prevent students from playing games or watching videos on school-owned devices in the classroom to make the learning experience more exciting & engaging.

SMBs, Mid-Market and Large Enterprises Find Value in Scalefusion

Companies and organizations of all sizes use Scalefusion to manage their devices and endpoints in an easy way. Be it thousand, hundred thousand or a million devices, Scalefusion is robust enough to handle these device volumes and deployment complexities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A kiosk mode is a function in which any device is restricted to running either single or multiple apps. There is browser kiosk mode where any browser is locked to run one or certain specific websites only. Kiosks can be dedicated devices, self-service devices, or unattended devices.

Kiosk software is UI software designed for controlled interactive sessions between a kiosk-mode device and end users. The kiosk software is responsible for controlling the user interface and managing the kiosk's functions and capabilities. Any interactions outside the preset configurations cannot be executed when devices run in kiosk mode. Kiosk software provides an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to offer customers self-service options while improving the overall customer experience.

A kiosk management software is a tool that lets IT admins manage kiosks remotely. Kiosk management software gives IT admins complete control over the configuration, content and branding elements of kiosk-mode devices. Kiosk management software also allows IT teams to troubleshoot kiosks without any manual intervention.

Kiosk mode is a great way for businesses of all sizes to ensure certain devices serve only the intended purposes as per business requirements. Kiosk mode ensures high employee productivity, better customer experience, and longer device lifecycle.

Kiosks are important touchpoints for businesses in terms of the data they collect and the apps they run. There are plenty of use cases in which kiosks help streamline both device management and security. Examples include digital signage, POS systems, check-in & check-out points, etc.

To set up kiosk mode on any device, it has to be enrolled into mobile device management software. Once enrolled, IT admins can create a device profile and add the kiosk device to the profile. Thereafter, all the configurations and content can be applied for the device to run in kiosk mode.

Managing and monitoring kiosks remotely is easy and seamless through a mobile device management dashboard. IT admins can set the kiosk as a single or multi-app device from the dashboard. In case of issues or errors, IT admins can also troubleshoot kiosks remotely.