BYOD Management

Bring Your Own Device,

Enable your employees to have secure access to corporate resources and information like emails, content, and apps through their personal devices, without having their privacy compromised with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution.

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BYOD Solution

Keep Personal & Work data separate with Android Work Profile

Android Work profile creates an OS-level container that contains all the corporate data and applications. It ensures that the corporate data is separated from any personal data and apps a user may have. The work apps and its notifications are badged with a briefcase.

Employees have total control over the personal profile and they can continue to use the apps of their choice. Personal apps, System-wide apps, wallpapers etc are controlled by the user and may not be inspected by IT administrators. Furthermore, the IT admins can only wipe corporate data from the work profile, leaving the personal data safe and untouched.


Why Scalefusion for BYOD Management?

Along with thorough corporate data security and proprietary user management feature, Scalefusion BYOD solution offers an integrated communication suite that enables employees to securely access corporate resources with seamless communication.

User Management

User Management

Add/manage users and apply corporate policies to their personal devices in an easy way.



Implement robust security and data protection policies such as disabling copying of data from work apps to personal apps.

Integrated Communication

Integrated Communication

EVA Communication Suite allows users to have a two-way chat and VoIP Calls with their teams across the organization.


Bridging the gap between enterprise data and employee privacy

Scalefusion BYOD solution ensures robust security features to protect corporate data as well as maintain utmost user privacy.


Control Over Corporate Data

Allow total control to the company’s IT over corporate data that is on the user’s personal devices.


Disable Screenshots of Work Apps

Protect against any kind of information/data capture by disabling users from taking screenshots of the work apps.


Detection of Rooted Devices

Detect rooted Android devices and ensure that appropriate actions like disabling or removing of Work Profile are performed.


Erase Corporate Data Selectively

With separation of personal and corporate data, IT can selectively wipe off only Corporate data without removing any personal data.


Password Protected Work Profile

Set password for accessing Work Apps or Work Profile to ensure additional security.


Data Sharing Restrictions

Restrict users from copying/sharing data or documents from work apps to personal apps.


Enforce IT Policies to Keep Corporate Data Secure

Scalefusion MDM works towards broadening the scope of your BYOD implementation while ensuring total security and protection of your corporate data and resources. The effective security features of Scalefusion close all the security gaps, which is the major IT concern, and also make sure that users’ privacy is not breached.

SafetyNet Attestation

Perform Android Device Integrity, security and compatibility check and assign policies accordingly.

Device Passcode Compliance

Create and apply a passcode policy and set various formatting rules on users’ devices based on your organization’s standards.

Detect Compliance Violations

Empower the IT admin to detect any sort of compliance violations and take appropriate actions accordingly.


Stay Connected with Your Team Through the EVA Communication Suite

Scalefusion BYOD comes with a tightly integrated EVA communication suite that allows the users to stay connected with their teams through two-way chat and VoIP calls.

Eva Messenger

EVA messenger

Allows users to communicate with the team & the admin through chat and VoIP calls.

Eva Phone

EVA Phone

Provides powerful Contact Management & SIM/Cellular Call Capabilities.

Eva Notification

EVA Notification

Provides real-time alerts & updates regarding devices.

Bring Your Own Devices

Reflect Corporate Branding on Scalefusion Work App

Scalefusion Work App gives you instant access to all the Work apps approved by your organization. Change the look and feel of the Scalefusion Work app to reflect the organization's branding with your organization name and custom wallpaper.

Drive your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Strategy with Scalefusion