PowerShell & Shell Scripting

Enable Flexibility with Custom Scripting

Write and deploy custom scripts for any device running on any OS. Seamlessly execute your custom scripts with Scalefusion Scripting.

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Custom Scripts for Smartphones and Tablets

Custom Payloads for Smartphones and Tablets

Deploy custom payloads for all your Android and iOS devices with Scalefusion MDM. Create custom payloads and see the results instantly on your managed devices. Use custom payloads to streamline device configurations like network settings, certificate management and device restrictions.

Custom Scripts for Desktops

Create and deploy custom scripts for your devices running on Windows, macOS, and Linux. From PowerShell scripts to Shell Scripting, Scalefusion covers it all. Check the execution status of each script from the dashboard and delete or uninstall them. Use Scripts to perform certain tasks, automate processes or to combine common tasks into one action.

Custom Scripts for Desktops

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Super Charge Scripting by Scheduling Scripts & Dynamic Scripting

Leverage script scheduling to automate tasks and streamline workflows, saving time and effort. With dynamic scripting, you have the power to adapt scripts on-the-fly, making them responsive to real-time conditions. Experience enhanced productivity,flexibility,and control with advanced scripting capabilities

Execute Scripts Dynamically and Save Time

With dynamic scripting you can define variables based on device attributes and user properties. These variables can be dynamically substituted within scripts dynamically, giving you granular control and adaptation based on Devices & Users

script dynamics

Automate Tasks with Scheduled Script Execution

Automate tasks seamlessly with Scheduled Scripts. Easily automate script execution on every reboot, specified days & times and more. Achieve greater efficiency and focus on more strategic aspects of your device management while script execution takes care of pre-defined repetitive tasks.

Explore Dynamic Scripting with Scheduling Capabilities