PC Management

PC Management Software That Secures and Manages Computers Remotely

Harness the power of Scalefusion to manager your legacy (Windows 7,8.1) and modern (Windows 10/11) devices. Manage and secure all your PCs from deployment to retirement without hampering the end-user experience.

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Level-up your PC Management with Scalefusion

Scalefusion PC Management Software provides flexibility and power to the IT admins to control and monitor the PCs deployed in the organization.

Remote Access

Scalefusion Remote Cast & Control comes with robust features like unattended access, ITSM integrations, and screen capture for easy troubleshooting of your managed PCs.

Kiosk Management

Restrict unintended device usage with Scalefusion single-app and multi-app kiosk modes. Lock down the device with only the required apps and websites and prevent access to anything else.

Conditional Email Access

Add an extra layer of security by allowing corporate email access only on Scalefusion managed desktops. IT administrators can also allow users a grace period to enroll their devices before restricting access.

Effortless Patch Management

You can take a preventative approach to device security and keep your PCs updated using Scalefusion's automated patch management. Your devices are more likely to be secure and up-to-date if you use the Scalefusion Desktop Management solution. Ensure that your Windows PCs have all the latest OS updates with Scalefusion.

Latest updates

Schedule automated updates for OS and drivers at the device or device group level.

Optimized IT Efforts

Update all your PC endpoints simultaneously and reduce your cognitive IT load.

Enhanced Security

Enhance the security of your managed devices by identifying and applying OS patches that keep them safe from vulnerabilities.

Improved Visibility

Monitor device update status and get reports on pending and installed updates.

Force Reboot

Once the updates have been downloaded, IT admins can force devices to reboot in order for them to take effect.

Save Costs

Scalefusion offers its native Patch Management solution for Windows PCs, saving organizations from the need for a third-party solution.

Shared Device: One PC. Multiple Users.

Set up a collaborative workforce by sharing Mac and Windows devices between employees. Automatically adjust device configurations based on the logged-in user, guaranteeing devices are consistently ready for the next user. Admins can ensure the security of user data, productivity in work, and privacy of accounts through features like usage tracking, authorized access, data clearance, automatic log-off, and more.

Shared Device
Advanced Browser Configurations

Advanced Browser Configurations

Configure Chrome and Edge browsers on your Windows PCs as per your organizational needs and enable a safe browsing experience for your end-users.

  • Whitelist and Blacklist Websites

  • Manage Cookies, Java Scripts, popups and Flash plugins

  • Create Bookmarks

  • Manage browsing history and user data

window hello

Windows Hello

Add an extra layer of security to your managed Windows devices by configuring Windows Hello with Scalefusion. End-users can use gestures such as PIN, biometric authentication like a fingerprint or facial recognition to sign in to their devices.

window defender

Windows Defender

Protect your devices against viruses with Windows Defender policies. Configure policies such as scanning, real-time monitoring, signature updates and cloud protection directly from the Scalefusion dashboard.

Secure every PC in your organization with Scalefusion PC Management

Get more out of Scalefusion PC Management

Deep Dive

Get insights from Scalefusion Dashboard about your desktop inventory. Check the state of your device, the number of violations, the availability of licences, and much more.

Scalefusion Deployer

Reduce the manual deployment of apps, scripts, and CMD files, making it a one-time process for pushing multiple functions.

Certificate Management

Manage your certificates with Scalefusion and relieve your IT admins from individually provisioning devices with the required certificates.


Perform instant actions on your desktops with Windows PowerShell scripting.

Effectively manage your PCs with Scalefusion

Industry-leading security features

Take control of your device security with advanced features. Safeguard your Windows PCs from unauthorized access and data breaches with Scalefusion MDM.

Bitlocker Encryption

Passcode Configuration

Peripheral Control

2 Factor Authentication

Single Sign-on

Designed to Integrate all your needs

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