Device and User Groups

Group Devices and Users for Targeted Policies and Restrictions

Enable granular control over device and user management, easily enforce security policies and compliance regulations. Experience efficient management of devices and users by reducing the need to apply policies and restrictions individually to each device and user.

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User Groups

Efficiently Manage Enrolled Devices with User Groups

IT admins can group users and as a result all the devices enrolled under that user gets grouped. Reduce the manual efforts involved in managing each device individually.

User Groups with Scalefusion MDM

Seamless Group Management: Key Features

By organizing devices into device groups, IT administrators can easily apply policies and restrictions to these groups of devices. This feature allows IT admins to manage devices owned by specific users or departments.

Group Devices

Group devices based on OS versions, departments, usecase etc.

Reboot Devices

Reboot all devices in the

Set or Change Profiles

Easily manage and change the profiles present on your devices.

Assign Admins

Create & assign group administrators to perform group-level operations.

Group Locking

Enable group locking of devices with a single click.

Group Unlocking

Enable group unlocking of devices with a single click.

Lock Device Screen

Lock all device screens present in groups or subgroups

Save Time and Effort, Create User and Device Groups in Bulk

Effortlessly create multiple groups at once using a CSV file, eliminating manual tasks. Streamline group management by easily providing details and assigning group admins in bulk, saving time and effort.

device groups

Create Multiple Groups

Speedup creating groups & subgroups using one single CSV file

Assign Admins

Assign admins and give them control of the groups

Invalid Records Report

Identify the exact records with errors, skip the guessing

Attach Profiles

Attach Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux devices to the groups

Efficiently manage and secure multiple devices at once.