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Enhance Your Security Posture with Our Advanced Third-Party Application Patching Solution for Windows

Our advanced third-party application patching solution for Windows helps you enhance your security posture by ensuring that your organization's software applications are up to date and free from vulnerabilities.

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Maximize Security and Compliance with Automatic Windows App Updates

Simplify security and compliance by ensuring that your Windows applications run on the latest versions at all times. Reduce IT cognitive load by automating Windows app patch updates.

No More Relying on a Third-Party Management Software

Easily manage all your endpoints along with OS and Application Patch Management from a single dashboard. Scalefusion helps you save IT costs and streamline device and application management.

Third- Party Application Patching for Windows

A Comprehensive Third-Party Patching Tool for Windows Devices

Scalefusion makes application patching a breeze. View and manage application updates instantly with just a few clicks.


Sync Interval

Configure how frequently the Scalefusion agent checks for application updates on the managed devices.


Automated Updates

Define the update frequency and time window for cumulative updates without hampering daily tasks.



Generate extensive reports on all applications and devices updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any application not native to a particular OS or device OEM is effectively a third-party application. For example, a Lenovo laptop with Windows OS will have pre-installed apps native to Lenovo and Microsoft, such as Windows Media Player. Applications installed outside the purview of what’s in-built, such as VLC Media Player, are called third-party apps.

Third-party app patch management or patching is the installation of patches to third-party applications on business endpoints. It’s mostly an IT admin task, but over the years, it has also extended to involve security teams because of growing threats from bad actors who can sneak into devices via unpatched app vulnerabilities.

The primary purpose of third-party app management is to address the vulnerabilities or bugs in apps and software installed on organizations’ devices. Timely third-party app management is essential to strengthening the security posture of organizations so that data breaches and other cybersecurity threats can be prevented.

Neglecting third-party app patches can lead to security disasters for organizations. Unpatched bugs can lead to poor app performance and feature glitches, hampering employee productivity. What’s more deadly is the fact that unpatched vulnerabilities can leave devices prone to intrusion by threat actors.

Scalefusion MDM solution helps IT admins manage and secure all third-party apps across an organization through patch management automation. This is especially useful for organizations with a distributed workforce, as IT admins can automate and manage third-party updates and patches remotely from the Scalefusion dashboard.

Third-Party Patch Management Made Simple

Experience Ultra Fast Patching of Third-Party Applications with Scalefusion