Maker Checker

Every IT Action,
Now EXTRA Secured

Ensure proper scrutiny of every action pushed to your devices with Maker-Checker. Add an extra layer of security to your device management process.

What is Maker-Checker?

The Maker-Checker feature helps IT admins add multiple approvers, ensuring all critical changes or actions pushed to a device or device group are reviewed before being executed. Having a maker and a checker working in harmony reduces the risk of costly mistakes and enhances IT efficiency.

  • Maker: The maker initiates a task and takes action.

  • Checker: The checker reviews and approves the action.

Maker Checker

As easy as A-B-C

Maker Checker

Initiate Action

The maker initiates actions to be executed on the devices, such as pushing an application to a device group

Maker Checker

Review Action

The checker then reviews and verifies the action executed by the maker

Maker Checker

Approve/Deny Action

The checker then approves or denies the action after proper verification

Maker Checker

Execute Action

If the task is accurate and complies with relevant policies and procedures, it is then executed on the device group

Ensure device management accuracy with Maker-Checker

Streamline, Secure, Simplify with Maker-Checker

Maker Checker

Higher Accuracy

Make error-free changes with multi-step approval

Maker Checker

Reduced Errors

Zero oversight, boosting accountability across actions.

Maker Checker

Flawless Execution

Create multiple approvers for timely verification


The Maker-Checker process strengthens device management by reducing errors and improving efficiency. It adds an extra layer of security on top of traditional access controls, which is particularly valuable in environments with multiple administrators.

Admin approvals for device management actions that a ‘maker’ executes depend on how the feature settings are configured on the Scalefusion dashboard.

The major advantages of Maker-Checker in terms of device management are:

  • Elimination of unforced errors in dashboard actions

  • Verification of every action before approval

  • Seamless operations for dispersed IT teams

  • Higher accountability and efficiency of IT admins

  • Improved end-user experience

IT admins (or super admins) can enable or disable the Maker-Checker feature from the Scalefusion dashboard. Once enabled, the various actions that require further admin approvals can then be selected from the feature settings.

RBAC is about controlling access to the Scalefusion dashboard based on admin roles. Maker-Checker, on the other hand, is about a hierarchy set for approving actions executed within the Scalefusion dashboard. Enabling Maker-Checker doesn’t alter any RBAC settings.