POS Device Management

Unified POS Management for Handheld and Mounted Devices with Scalefusion

Scalefusion POS management is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations manage and streamline point-of-sale operations and effectively manage handheld as well as physically mounted POS devices and systems.

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We Support POS Devices Running On

Single and Multi-App Kiosk Mode: The Key to Simplifying POS Management

Scalefusion kiosk mode allows IT admins to secure POS devices by limiting access to specific apps and functions, streamlining operations and reducing unauthorized access risk.

  • Multi App Kiosk Mode: Multi App mode allows the use of multiple specific apps on an Android device while blocking all others no business apps.

  • Single App Kiosk Mode: Single App Kiosk Mode: Single App Mode restricts the device to one specific app, allowing it to be used exclusively for simplified payments.

Application Management of POS

Remotely manage POS applications for faster and efficient operations

Scalefusion enables IT admins to install, update and uninstall apps for secured and efficient operation, reducing operational downtime.

Advanced Browser Configurations

App Install/Uninstall

Install and uninstall POS apps on devices remotely via dashboard.

Update Apps

Remotely update POS applications to the latest version for more secured application usage. Use Scalefusion Enterprise App to leverage app versioning.

Configure Apps

Create app configurations for authentication and access settings for supported apps.

Schedule App Installation

Automate app installation with Scalefusion workflows. Schedule app installation at a set date and time.

View App Version

Keep a check on the app versions for devices and device groups. Automate app version reports and last update date.

Track App Data Usage

Monitor data used by apps over mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Identify which apps consume more data on corporate devices and make smart decisions.

Manage and Secure Your POS Applications with Scalefusion MDM

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Remote Support and Troubleshooting

Reduce Device Downtime with Scalefusion Remote Troubleshooting

With remote troubleshooting, reduce POS device downtime by providing instant support remotely and boost operational efficiency.

  • Remote Cast

  • Remote Control

  • Capture Screenshots

  • Take Screen Recordings

  • Create Support Tickets

Leverage Scalefusion Comprehensive Features to Manage your POS Device Fleet

With Scalefusions comprehensive features, you can easily and effectively control, monitor, and optimize all aspects of your POS devices.

Secure Policy Deployment

Securely deploy policies, configure network, and secure peripherals on POS systems.

Configure Unauthorized WiFi

Block unauthorized WiFi connections for secure and stable POS management.

Remote Wipe

Remotely wipe-off device data on lost, stolen, or retired devices.

Remotely Update OS Versions and Apps

Update OS versions of devices remotely to keep devices up-to-date for enhanced security and reduced risks.

Location Tracking and Geofencing

Track device location. Create geofences for enhanced monitoring.

Whitelisting Websites

IT admins can extend controlled browsing by allowing only business-specific websites through website whitelisting.

Effortlessly manage all your POS devices with Scalefusion

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