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Experience Linux MDM powered with simplicity. Everything you need to provision, secure and monitor your Linux laptops & PCs is delivered right at your fingertips.

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Flexible Linux Device Management for Ubuntu & Other Debian Distributions

Take device management to the next level by gaining granular control with diverse management modes. Set Linux devices in motion without hampering the user experience. Control USB peripherals, execute crucial actions remotely, and effortlessly configure wifi and password policies - all from the same user-friendly dashboard you know and adore!

Linux Device Management
  • Vital Device Information: Get all the vital device related information of your linux device inventory in a go.

  • Perform Critical Actions: Perform Critical device actions such as reboot, shutdown and wipe straight from the dashboard.

  • Granular Control: Gain granular control like USB management and Wifi Configuration over the managed devices.

Device Profiles

Create policy groups that can be utilized across various devices to simplify device management. Set up policies for USB devices and Wi-Fi settings, and distribute them to multiple devices.

Enrollment Configurations

Create a mass enrollment configuration and generate an enrollment command that can be utilized on one or numerous devices to register them with Scalefusion.

Device Inventory Insights

Get an overview of all the devices being managed and their important information, such as Wi-Fi connection status, time zone, battery percentage, RAM usage, IP address, and more.

Password Policy

Secure your managed devices by applying a password policy by setting password rules like password type, minimum length, minimum digits, password expiry, etc. and forcing the users to set a secure password.

Perform Remote Actions

Remotely reboot, shut down, or factory reset the device using the Scalefusion dashboard and accelerate operational speed.

Linux Shell Scripts

Upload bash scripts and deploy them to the managed devices, and access a comprehensive output that facilitates easy administration tasks.


Group your devices based on your organizational units and attach a Linux profile to manage all of the devices using the same policy for all devices in the group.

Simplifying Ubuntu Device Management with Scalefusion

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Secure Linux Management Software

Run Linux Scripts Remotely

You can execute Linux scripts to perform any operation on a remote Linux device just like how you would do if it was right in front of you.

Simplified Enrollment for Linux Devices

Speed up policy application on the devices with simple device enrollment. Easily enroll Linux devices with script-based enrollment.

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Say No to Device Downtime With
Scalefusion Remote Terminal

Reduce device downtime, improve employee productivity. Access remote terminal of remote Linux devices screens and take control to resolve device issues. Extend rapid fixes and create support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms.

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Experience Linux Device Management Driven by Simplicity

Get Quick and Deep Insights Into Your Device Inventory


Replace your cumbersome Linux device management solution with Scalefusion. Our clutter-free dashboard makes it extremely easy to manage your Linux devices and endpoints and to perform day to day operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Linux device management is a comprehensive tool IT admins use to provision, manage, secure and monitor Linux devices, from their enrollment to decommissioning, throughout the entire device lifecycle. Linux device management provides visibility into the device fleet and enables IT admins to perform administrative functions remotely.

Linux MDM uses scripts to automate device management. Using scripts as a sequence of commands, the MDM software performs remote functions like device restart and shutdown, wipes off data in case of theft, acquires vital device information, implements security controls like USB blocking and Wi-Fi configuration and simplifies device enrollment.

Out of the many benefits that Linux device management provides, some of the outstanding benefits for businesses are visibility of the Linux device inventory, remote management and control of devices, enhanced device compliance and performance, higher level of security, increase in employee productivity, reduction in operational costs and scalability to accommodate additional devices in future.

Scalefusion MDM supports the following Linux OS versions (Ubuntu, Mint and Kali): Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Bionic Beaver, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Focal Fossa, Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS: Jammy Jellyfish; Mint 19.1: Tessa, Mint 20.1: Ulyssa, Mint 21.1: Vera; and Kali 2022.4

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