Windows Kiosk Mode

Lockdown your Windows 7/8.1 and Windows 10/11 Devices Into Kiosk Mode

Configure your favorite Windows laptops and desktops for business. Run only business apps and websites with Windows Kiosk mode without hampering the user experience.

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Multiple Kiosk Modes for all Windows Endpoints

Manage Windows devices for dedicated enterprise use. Lockdown the devices into single or multi-app mode and make them work for your business.

Windows Single-App Kiosk Mode

  • Lock device to a Single Application

  • Auto Launch app on device restart

  • Most Useful for Digital Signage, mPOS systems and ticket booking

Windows Multi-App Kiosk Mode

  • Let Users navigate between allowed applications

  • Restrict access to any other application

  • Most Useful for last mile delivery, education and manufacturing units

Unified Solution for Modern and Legacy Windows Device Management

Scalefusion offers a unified solution for managing 7,8.1 and 10,11 Windows devices from a single platform. With Scalefusion, IT teams can lockdown and manage Windows devices of any generation with ease, ensuring that they are secure, updated, and running smoothly.

Lockdown Windows 10/11 in Kiosk Mode

With Kiosk Lockdown software, you can easily configure and customize Windows 10/11 Kiosk mode to meet your specific needs. Scalefusion Windows kiosk software provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to set up a kiosk in just a few clicks.

Scalefusion allows you to create a secure and controlled environment by restricting user access to specific applications or websites. It is widely used in retail, hospitality, healthcare, and education industries to provide a self-service platform for customers and visitors.

Modern windows devices

Lockdown Windows 7/8.1 in Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode for Windows 7/8.1 devices provides a way to lock down your legacy Windows devices and use them productively and securely. Scalefusion allows you to set up a device for a specific purpose, restricting the user to single or multiple applications.

By converting these devices into dedicated kiosks, you can create a secure and tailored experience for your customers and employees, enhancing their experience while ensuring the safety and security of your organization's data.

legacy windows devices

Key Features of Windows Kiosk Mode

Any device

Be it a laptop, desktop, digital signage or any other device running on Windows. Turn any device into a kiosk with Scalefusion MDM

Prevent device Misuse

Restrict device to the selected apps and websites, making access to anything else impossible.

Higher Employee Productivity

Free your employees from distractions like games and social media resulting in higher productivity.

Improve Customer Experience

Scalefusion Windows Kiosk Mode reduces device clutter, making it easier to navigate for the end users.

Peripheral Control

Manage USB ports, headphone jack and other ports on your Windows devices and enhance your device security.

Unattended Access

Get remote access to your managed Windows devices and troubleshoot them without end user presence

Background Apps

Enable essential apps in the background that can be accessed by other apps but not by the end user

Auto Launch Apps

Auto Launch app when the device restarts in single app mode

Comprehensive Windows Device Management with Windows 10/11 Kiosk Mode

Windows Lockdown

Out of the Box Device Provisioning With Windows Autopilot

Configure business apps and settings on Windows devices with Zero-touch. Devices are auto-enrolled into policy settings on first-boot by the end-users.

Seamlessly Lockdown Windows-Based POS Systems

Remotely manage, monitor and secure Windows-based POS systems and run the devices in single and multi app mode.

Windows Kiosk Software

Secure the Browsing
Experience for your Windows Devices

Provide a secure browsing experience on your Windows Devices

  • Allow or block websites

  • Configure Chrome settings

  • Block in-private browsing

  • Enforce Incognito Mode

  • Restrict browser history

  • Give users the control for their passwords

Convert Your Windows Devices Into Digital Signage

Display beautiful presentations on your Windows devices. Play engaging content including images and videos seamlessly.

  • Remotely load images and videos on Windows 10 kiosks via native File dock app

  • Loop the presentation continuously on Windows10 kiosks

  • Create interactive presentations using png, jpeg, jpg, gif & mp4 files

  • Use the presentation as a screensaver

Windows 10 Kiosk App for Digital Signage

Streamline Your Windows Devices with Windows 10/11 Kiosk Mode

Made for All Industries

Scalefusion Windows Device Management Solution is being used across different industry verticals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Windows kiosk mode allows IT admins to lock Windows devices in single-app or multi-app mode. Kiosk mode prevents unauthorized access to the device and apps that run on it and limits data costs. Kiosk mode helps create dedicated devices that are managed remotely for specific purposes, using an MDM dashboard.

Windows kiosk mode enables the lockdown of Windows digital devices in single or multiple pre-approved applications to turn them into dedicated kiosks. The lockdown mechanism gives IT admins control over device permissions and allowed applications, restricts unauthorized access, and minimizes user intervention. IT admins secure kiosk devices by pushing regular OS updates and limiting access to authorized apps and websites, thus preventing malware or virus threats.

Kiosk mode devices are dedicated devices that restrict access to pre-approved applications and websites. Kiosk mode is used to run devices for focused purposes so that users have access to only approved content and apps for improved productivity and greater security. Some applications can be self-service kiosks, digital signage, and kiosks used for payments and feedback at retail outlets.

Kiosk mode locks down digital devices in single-app or multiple-app mode. Single app mode restricts the device usage to a default application and users cannot make changes to the device settings. In multi-app mode, users can access one or more apps to ensure business-specific device usage. IT admins control kiosk devices from an MDM dashboard remotely.

Yes, Windows 11 devices can be locked down and managed with Scalefusion MDM for dedicated enterprise use in kiosk mode. IT admins can set up Windows 11 devices in kiosk mode and restrict access to applications using modern device management for Windows.

Windows 10/ 11 kiosks can be set up in either single-app or multi-app mode. Login to your Scalefusion account, navigate to ‘Enroll Devices’ and enroll your Windows 10/ 11 devices by choosing the Windows tab. Go to ‘Device Profiles & Policies’, and choose an existing policy or create a new one by clicking on ‘Create New Profile’. Push the Device Profile to the Windows 10/11 devices and configure them to kiosks through the dashboard.

Take Control of Your Windows Kiosks with Windows 10/11 Kiosk Mode Management