Apple MDM Solutions

Apple Device Management (Apple MDM) Solution

Secure and manage Apple devices, apps, content & set policies for corporate-owned, Kiosks & shared devices from the cloud.

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Scalefusion Apple MDM Solution for iOS

Scalefusion Apple Mobile Device Management (Apple MDM) software empowers admins to manage, control and secure company-owned Apple devices.

Single App Mode is a feature for supervised devices that restrict iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone to running only one app.

Multi App Mode feature allows access to the only specific set of apps whitelisting applications.

Scalefusion MDM allows you to Blacklist/Whitelist specific websites and restricts access to unwanted web content.

Dashboard DMD

Unified Device Management Dashboard

Our Unified Device Management is the secure platform to manage Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPad Pro. It enhances security and device management experience for administrators and end-users.

Dashboard DMD
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Total Control with our Apple Mobile Device Management Solution

Scalefusion's cloud-based Apple Mobile device management (Apple MDM) dashboard, allows you to remotely manage Apps, track device locations, wipe device data, and monitor internet data usage and much more.

Device Groups & Profiles

Device Groups & Profiles

Device Profiles allows you to create a profile with pre-selected apps, websites and specific branding. Device groups allow you to organize devices into different groups.

Easy Device Organization

The Device Groups feature allows you to organize your devices into groups. Make certain changes to an entire group of devices, rather than individually.

Set Custom Roles & Permissions

Set device administrators to a group or the entire group of devices.

Create Multiple Device Profiles

Create multiple device profiles if you want to have different settings for your devices.

Copy Device Profile

Create a clone of existing device profile.

Device Groups & Profiles

Web Filtering

Blacklist/Whitelist specific websites and restrict access to unwanted web content.

Whitelisting Websites

Only url's that are whitelisted can be accessed via Apple Safari Browser.

Create Bookmarks in Safari Browser

Remotely create bookmarks for Apple Safari Browser.

Place URL Shortcuts on Home Screen

Place URL shortcuts on device home screen and add a custom logo to it.

Device Groups & Profiles

Asset Tracking

Location Tracking feature helps you determine and track the location of your devices in real-time.

Location History

Keep track of each device location from their point of origin.

Device Groups & Profiles

Reports & Alerts

View detailed reports of data usage, location history and get email notifications on various functions and activities related to your devices.

Location Reports

Location history reports for each device or group of devices.

Device Groups & Profiles

Admins & Roles

This feature allows the account owner to create the new admin with customized roles and permissions. Also, limit their access by assigning them to specific roles.

System Roles

We have created a few pre-defined roles to assist you in the creation of the same.

Custom Roles

Create your own customized roles and assign them to your administrators.

Group Admin

Create multiple admins for the particular group with customized roles and permissions.

Device & Group Admin

Set device/group owner and customize roles and permissions.

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