Effectively Manage Mission-Centric Rugged Devices & Handheld Computers

Manage rugged tablets operating in harsh environments and scanners that set warehouses in motion. Implement policies and deliver apps that matter to your field technicians and warehouse employees.

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Scalefusion AER

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Manage everything that runs on Android with security and confidence. We are now an Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solution.

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Unleash the Power of Android Rugged Devices
Manage Diverse Endpoints With Ease

Don’t limit the possibilities of mobility for modern businesses. Choose diverse devices and manage them via a single solution.



Handheld RFID Readers

Wearable Computers

Vehicle Mounted Computer

Put Your Business in the Spotlight. Turn Any Rugged Device Into a Kiosk

Make your rugged devices and handheld computers business-ready with relevant apps and websites with Android Kiosk Mode.

  • Single App Mode: Lock the device to a single app. Configure hardware keys, control device navigation and leave no room for misuse.

  • Multi App Mode: Configure the device to run multiple apps. Allow only select apps and block the rest.

  • Agent Mode: Keep the device UI intact. Run Scalefusion in the background. Apply and control select policies.

Leverage Android Rugged Devices with OEMConfig for Zebra & Honeywell

Get granular control on your purpose-built Zebra and Honeywell Rugged Devices with OEMConfig Apps that can be seamlessly configured & distributed using Scalefusion MDM.

Zebra OEMConfig Features

Get more done on your Zebra Rugged devices by leveraging the OEM-specific security features and management capabilities. Use Scalefusion MDM to publish Zebra OEMConfig app on devices.

Honeywell OEMConfig Features

Add an extra layer of OEM-based management features and security settings on your Honeywell handheld devices. Use Scalefusion MDM to distribute Honeywell OEMConfig app on devices.

Deliver Business Apps To Your Rugged Device Fleet

Do more with your rugged devices. Install the latest business apps on your Android rugged devices. Prevent unauthorized apps downloads, remove end-user dependency for app installation and updates.

  • Managed Play Store: Install business apps and PWAs from the Google Play Store.

  • Scalefusion Enterprise Store: Push in-house apps by uploading Android APK on the Scalefusion dashboard.

  • Silent App Installation: Silently install apps without any end-user intervention.


Remote app installation and configuration.


Configure app updates. App versioning available for private apps.

App Config

Control and configure app settings for custom apps.

Remote Troubleshooting for Devices in Action

Your frontline and field employees depend heavily on device and app performance. Don’t let them down. Provide 100% remote support with Remote Cast and Control. Mirror device screens, take control of device navigation and rapidly resolve device issues.

VOIP Calling

Provide step-by-step instructions to resolve device issues.

File Sync

Sync files from the dashboard. Upload, download, delete files and run files.

Support Tickets

Create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms.

Rugged Device Management Driven by Simplicity

Key Features

Bringing powerful features of Android to your Rugged Device Management.

Certificate Management

Push digital certificates to authenticate devices, users and networks.

Web Filtering

Cut down on employee distractions. Block non-business, entertainment and gaming websites.

Control Software Updates

Schedule, automate or delay software and OS updates.

Email & Exchange Settings

Make email available at the fingertips of your field force. Push corporate email and exchange settings.

Location Tracking

Track device location in real time. Set geofences and receive instant notifications when a device enters or exits a geofence.

Remote Lock

Remotely block device access in case of theft or loss. Wipe device content and maintain security.

Helping Businesses Across Diverse Industries with Rugged Device Management

Other Industries


Transform your business with vehicle-mounted devices and ELDs.


Take control of your manufacturing floor with hand-held scanners.


Enhance in-store shopping and billing experience for your customers and employees.


Accelerate operations with dust-proof devices configured for your business.

Secure and Manage Rugged Devices & Handheld Computers