Rugged Device Management

Effectively Manage Mission-Centric Rugged Devices

Equip your rugged devices with business apps & content, automate security checks & remotely troubleshoot device issues to deliver high performance even in harsh environments.

Leverage Android Rugged Devices with OEMConfig
for Zebra & Honeywell

Get granular control on your purpose-built Zebra and Honeywell Rugged Devices with OEMConfig Apps that
can be seamlessly configured & distributed using Scalefusion MDM.

Zebra OEMConfig Features

Get more done on your Zebra Rugged devices by leveraging the OEM-specific security features and management capabilities.
Use Scalefusion MDM to publish Zebra OEMConfig app on devices.

Honeywell OEMConfig Features

Add an extra layer of OEM-based management features and security settings on your Honeywell handheld devices.
Use Scalefusion MDM to distribute Honeywell OEMConfig
app on devices.

Rugged Device Management

Scalefusion for an End-to-End Rugged Device Management

Manage, secure, and track your rugged devices under tough conditions ensuring total business efficiency, data protection, and user performance.

Easy Device Enrollment

Easy device enrollment

Supports bulk enrollment of rugged phones through the configuration file or by using IMEI login to register the number of devices in one shot

Real Time Device Tracking

Real-time device tracking

Track precise location of rugged Android phones with detailed information like Date, Time, Location & Longitude

Defined Access Controlled Policies

Defined access control policies

Deploy kiosk lockdown, access control policies and other enterprise regulations to control access to apps and data

Remote Content Management

Remote content management

Manage all the content & remotely distribute it to the devices or group of devices in few simple steps

Effective Application Management

Effective application management

The private app store allows administrators to manage and distribute apps and upload APKs, and seamlessly deploy them to the rugged smartphones

Remote Cast & Control

Remote Cast and Control

Enables users to cast screen and let IT admin take control of the rugged mobile phones remotely for easy troubleshooting of devices and settings

Accelerate the Performance of your Rugged Mobile Devices

Count on an MDM solution that truly understands your business challenges and works towards offering maximum output with minimum IT hiccups.


The Core Challenge Area

Organizations must ensure that their on-field rugged mobile devices are fully secured, managed and monitored in real-time, that can help users stay productive, agile and hassle-free while completing their tasks even under the toughest of environments.

Scalefusion Advantage

With Remote Management and Control, Scalefusion aims to help companies leverage a bunch of valuable features to drive team-wide advantages and complete mission-critical functions while staying agile and well-informed in real-time.

Rugged Device Management

Rugged Device Management Driven with Proven Benefits

Let Scalefusion tackle your rugged devices and military grade smartphones while you can focus on your core business.

Optimized Field Operations

Optimized field operations

Minimize device downtime and enable field staff to perform better with maximum efficiency

Simplified Management Process

Simplified management process

Enables IT admins to easily manage, update and monitor all devices from a web-based dashboard

Improved Cost Efficiency

Improved cost efficiency

Gain control over data usage and mitigate device misuse that optimizes better business ROI

Enhanced Decision Making

Enhanced decision-making

Remote and on-time troubleshooting of rugged Android devices leads to better & quicker decision-making

Rugged Device Management

Scalefusion Rugged Device Management has Helped Companies Across Industries



Enhance employee productivity and device utility for tasks like machinery maintenance, inventory control and gaining better visibility of the manufacturing process


Mobilize your workforce and stay connected in real time to improve your warehousing, delivery and logistics operations with an empowered MDM solution


Empower your health professionals and caregivers to work under any kind of situations with fully managed rugged devices


Make the best out of purpose-built devices suitable for your on-field military force with effortless device management

A Comprehensive, Contextual and Device-Wide Communication Suite

Scalefusion is powered with EVA Communication Suite that fills up all the communication gaps within the device management process.

It enables a seamless yet highly controlled and contextual communication between device users and IT admins through VoIP calls, real-time device notifications, and two-way chat.

Managing your Rugged Devices can’t get Better!

Our Unified Device Management dashboard is powerful, intuitive and insightful. It allows you to manage all your Android rugged devices from one place. Couple that with our data-driven DeepDive feature, and you can get a 360-degree overview of the entire device inventory. Our dashboard is designed in a way that even a non-technical person can use it with ease!

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