Type of data collected by Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) App

The following set of data is collected from the Device, each item contains the reasoning behind why that data is collected and how it is used by the system.

  • Location (Latitude & Longitude coordinates) and GPS Settings: The location is collected from the device in order to show locations in the dashboard and it is also used if user wants to add a “Geo Fence” for a device. The feature can be turned off from Dashboard after which NO location or GPS data is collected from the device. The location can also be globally turned off for all devices.
  • IMEI, IMSI and ICCID Numbers: Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) collects IMEI, IMSI & ICCID numbers from the SIM card (provided the device has SIM card and supports telephony services). These numbers are provided to customer Account Admins (i.e your company admins) as part of CSV export so that these can be audited by you later for asset tracking and inventory management. The IMEI number is also used to detect tampering or attempt to swap SIM cards, these incidents will appear under “Security Incidents” in dashboard, this feature only works if it is enabled in the dashboard, but the data is still collected to detect anomaly from backend.
  • List of Apps and Icons: Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) syncs the list of apps (including the app name, version and package name) and their icons from the device to the server. This is an integral part of Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) as it lets you see the apps on the dashboard and also allows you to selectively enable / disable them.
  • Device Details: Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) collects ANDROID_ID, Device make, model, OS and OS Version, Timezone, IP address, MAC address, Mobile carrier info etc. some of the details are used to filter out incompatible apps in Enterprise Store and some are used to identify duplicate installations.
  • Battery Status: Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) syncs the battery charging level periodically with the server, these info appears on the dashboard for device listing and details sections and admins can see them and act on it if the battery status goes below a certain threshold, there is an option to notify admins when any of their managed devices’ battery charge goes below a certain threshold.

Technical Debugging: In the event of an issue on specific devices, where we can’t remotely detect issues, we may send command to Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) client app to pull out debug logs to troubleshoot, this log file itself is encrypted and transferred over TLS, it contains debugging logs of the Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) app.