App Permissions

The following is the list of important permissions asked by the Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) Android app in order to function properly, some other miscellaneous permissions are excluded from this list for brevity:

  • App Usage Statistics *: From Android 5.1 onwards this permission is asked to know which application is currently running, this allows us to determine whether the currently running app is Whitelisted or not. Also this same permission is also used to calculate Mobile Data consumption of each allowed app.
  • Device Admin: Device Admin permission is asked for better security and the ability to apply security policies in the future. We recommend customers to make Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) as Device Admin so that in future new security policies can be applied seamlessly. For EMM devices Device Owner permission is mandatory.
  • Draw Over Other Apps *: This permission enables Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) to show a custom “status bar” to prevent users from using Notification dropdown and deactivate location and other features without admin intervention. Note that this permission is not asked or required from Android 8.0 onwards.
  • Accessibility and Notification Service *: Notification permission is used by Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) to show a “special” badge over icons in Kiosk mode if there are pending notifications for the app. Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) does NOT read the content of the notification and nor it is sent to server. It can be globally turned off from “Global Settings” in dashboard. The accessibility permission is used to show a “transparent” status bar if that is enabled as part of the branding, also this same setting is used to disable unauthorized “Safe Mode” exit if user attempts one and Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) detects it.
  • Samsung KNOX *: Samsung KNOX integration allows Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) to provide more secure Kiosk environment in samsung devices. This permission is only asked in Samsung Devices. The list of security restrictions applicable for Samsung KNOX enabled devices can be found in Enterprise → Secure Settings in Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) dashboard.
  • LG Guard *: A special application that makes use of LG Guard SDK features, only applicable for LG manufactured and supported devices, this integration is the result of our partnership with LG which lets us provide more secure Kiosk environment in LG Devices.
  • Read phone State and Identity *: This permission is used to access SIM card information like IMEI, IMSI etc which is later shown on the dashboard or provided as part of CSV export to account Admins.
  • Camera *: Camera permission is required for “Security Incidents”, this is an optional permission and not used until the “Security Incident logging” is enabled in Dashboard. This feature primarily used to take user picture if they are attempting a brute force exit of the Kiosk mode by repeatedly trying different exit passcodes.
  • Wifi and Cell Info *: Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) provides an ability to add / configure Wifi networks remotely from the dashboard. The app also uses this permission to determine whether the device is connected to a network and if the network is a high-speed connection.
  • Contacts and Identity *: Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) creates its own Account which can be found under System Settings → Accounts to sync data with the Server. Scalefusion(formerly MobiLock) does NOT read, write or modify device Contacts in any way and it is never synced with the Server.

All permissions marked * are mandatory.