Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management Delivered for Your Business

Get started with mobile application management on your business endpoints. Power corporate-owned and employee-owned devices with a line of business apps.

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Distribute Apps Over the Air,
with Zero-touch

Push business apps on managed devices without end-user intervention. Extend secure access to public apps from the Scalefusion dashboard. Silently install applications on managed devices without end-user intervention.

Play Store / Play for Work Apps

Choose from millions of Android apps and make them work for your business. Deploy apps to enterprise devices from the Play for Work App inventory.

App Store

Search for the right app on the App store. Quickly install public apps on Apple devices with ease.

Apple Volume Purchase Program

Purchase app licenses in bulk. Integrate Apple Volume Purchase Program within the Scalefusion dashboard and push apps on iOS and macOS devices with Apple VPP.

Windows Business Store

Leverage Azure AD-based setup to push business apps on Windows devices. Shop for apps in the Windows Business Store and sync with the Scalefusion dashboard for installation.

Application Management at Your Fingertips

App Install/Uninstall

Install and uninstall apps on managed devices with ease.

Update Apps

Remotely update applications to the latest version. Use Scalefusion Enterprise App to leverage app versioning.

Configure Apps

Create app configurations for authentication and access settings for supported apps.

App Installation Status

Be on the top of your app installation progress. Generate quick reports for app deployment status.

Schedule App Installation

Automate app installation with Scalefusion workflows. Schedule app installation at a set date and time.

Support for BYOD

Install business apps on BYO devices. Prevent data copy from work apps to personal apps. Selectively wipe apps on device retirement.

View App Version

Keep a check on the app versions for devices and device groups. Automate app version reports and last update date.

Track App Data Usage

Monitor data used by apps over mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Identify which apps consume more data on corporate devices.

Application Management Made Easy with Scalefusion

Automated Third-Party App Patching

Protect your Windows devices against vulnerabilities in your third-party applications with Scalefusion Automated Third-Party Application Patching. Deploy patches remotely and keep your devices safe and secure from potential threats.

Windows MDM

Schedule App Updates

Configure how frequently the Scalefusion agent checks for application updates on the managed devices.

Configure Update Sync Interval

Define the update frequency and time window for cumulative updates without hampering daily tasks.

Improve Visibility

Generate extensive reports on all applications and updated devices.

Windows App Catalog

Efficient App Access and Updates with Windows App Catalog

With Windows App Catalog, install and manage apps on your managed devices, ensuring users have access to the right apps.

Seamlessly deploy, update, and remove applications on managed Windows devices, saving time and effort in app management.

pre approve app

Android Application Management

App Delegation

Give 3rd-party apps extra privileges and delegate tasks such as block uninstall, certificate installation etc.

App Publishing

Reduce mobile data costs by installing and updating enterprise apps over Wi-Fi only.

Block Components

Configure packages or specific screens within the allowed applications that should be blocked.

Update Configuration

Configure Application Update settings at the profile level instead of having the same policies for all devices.

Take Granular Control of Your Android Application Management

Hassle Free Distribution of Private Business Apps

Push private or in-house applications custom-made for your enterprise. Upload and distribute enterprise apps via Scalefusion Enterprise Store.

Android: Upload app APK

iOS: Upload pList link/IPA file

Windows: Upload MSIX/ APPX bundle

macOS: Upload PKG bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile application management enables IT admins to push business apps on managed devices without end-user intervention. MAM features include silent app installation, remote app updates, app configuration for selective access and data usage tracking for apps.

Once devices are enrolled and managed by IT admins, MAM enables businesses to distribute and manage apps on endpoints. The dashboard helps keep track of the installation/uninstallation of apps, manage updates and view app versions.

The benefits of MAM are to remotely push apps, manage and schedule app installation/uninstallation, generate quick reports on app status and silently install apps without end-user intervention on managed devices. It helps improve productivity and provides up-to-date work-related information to users.

Yes. Industries today use mobile devices within company premises and their frontline workforce use devices across different locations. It is practically impossible for IT admins to manually manage the applications on all these devices. MAM is the best and quickest method for effective remote app management.

Yes. MAM allows you to easily manage and control apps across different operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS and macOS.

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