Location Tracking

Location Tracking for Your Enterprise Devices

Keep a constant track of your mobile assets. Track device location in real time and always be on the top of your enterprise inventory.

Monitor Movement of Android and iOS Devices

For remote and frontline employees, device location tracking can be helpful in extending improved management, streamlined troubleshooting and security. Don’t let your enterprise devices be out of your sight.

  • Track date, time, latitude & longitude

  • Get entire route history

  • Track location in Balanced Mode and High Accuracy Mode

  • Choose frequency of collecting location details

  • Set the frequency of collecting location

  • Enforce ‘GPS always ON’ on select devices

  • Monitor multiple devices at a time

  • Obtain detailed location reports

Set Virtual Boundaries To Physical Locations With Geofencing

Create one or more geofences for enhanced device tracking and resource optimization. Set radius of operation, track when the device moves in or out to optimize frontline employee operations on the field.

  • Set small radii geofence setting

  • Get notifications about breach in geofence

  • Automate alerts when device moves in or out of the geofence

  • Automate policy switch based on geofence

Tailor-Made for Diverse Industries and Use-Case

ELD Devices
Last-mile Delivery

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