Windows Patch Management Software

Patch Management Software for Windows Devices

Secure your remote Windows workstations with the best Windows patch management software. Automate patching to keep your devices protected by using a reliable OS patch management solution.

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Windows Patch Management Software for Complete Security of Laptops & Desktops

Simplify security and compliance efforts with our patch management software for Windows devices and applications run on the latest versions, at all times. Reduce IT cognitive load by automating Windows OS and app patch updates.

Automated Third-Party App Patching for Windows

Protect your Windows devices against vulnerabilities with Scalefusion Automated Third-Party Application Patching. Our third-party applications patch management in Windows allows you to deploy patches remotely, keeping your devices safe and secure from potential threats.

Windows MDM

Schedule App Updates

Configure how frequently the Scalefusion agent checks for application updates on the managed devices.

Configure Update Sync Interval

Define the update frequency and time window for cumulative updates without hampering daily tasks.

Improve Visibility

Generate extensive reports on all applications and updated devices.

Secure Windows Devices with Seamless Patch Management Solution

Patching That Seamlessly Works With Device Management

Why invest in patching software when you can do it with your MDM? Scalefusion helps you save infra costs, streamline device and application management on a single platform, and help your IT teams achieve remarkable performance with minimal effort.

  • tick Use the existing Scalefusion dashboard - no need to acquire and learn a new tool
  • tick Quickly detect vulnerabilities in Windows OS running on your corporate devices
  • tick Deploy pre-tested, pre-approved patches to provide quick addressal
  • tick Save time, efforts and money

Prevention of Security Lapses Is Definitely Better Than.. Anything Else

Why wait for a security threat on your Windows workstations to provide measures? Be always on the lookout with Scalefusion Windows Patch Management Software.

  • tick Configure patch schedules
  • tick Anticipate threats and prevent them before they happen
  • tick Leverage robust reporting to stay informed
  • tick Protect data with minimum efforts and losses
Windows Patch Management Tool

A Patch Management for Windows that Works Seamlessly with MDM

Scalefusion makes patching easy and effortless. With Scalefusion Windows Patch Management solution, you can push diverse software as well as driver updates with ease.

Critical Updates

Updates to address critical, non-security-related bugs and fixes.

Definition Updates

Frequent software updates containing additions to the product's definition database

Feature Packs

New product functionalities that are first distributed outside of a product release

Security Updates

Updates to fix a product-specific, security-related vulnerability

Service Packs

A tested, cumulative set of all hotfixes, security updates, critical updates and updates


Utilities or features that help to complete one or more tasks on the devices

Update Rollups

Tested, cumulative set of hotfixes, security updates, critical updates, and updates that are packaged together for easy deployment


Updates targeting a specific problem to address non-critical, non-security-related bugs


An upgrade for Windows 10 or later features and functionality

Driver Updates

Updates to software that controls the input and output of the devices

Patch It Up With Scalefusion

Business & Enterprise Plan users of Scalefusion get access to Patch Management at no additional cost. Upgrade to Business or Enterprise Plan or get Patch Management as an add on, at USD 2 per device, per month, billed annually.


per device / month

*Billed Annually Only

Patch Management Software within your Windows MDM

Frequently Asked Questions

Windows patch management is a group of policies and systems which helps in identifying, obtaining, evaluating and pushing OS patches or updates on Windows devices. These updates or patches fix software or driver-level bugs and help eliminate security loopholes. Windows patch management can be carried out at the OS level for OS updates and application level for app updates.

Windows patch management is critical to organizations that have a large or distributed device inventory of Windows devices. It ensures that Windows workstations are always up-to-date with OS patches that can fix or remediate any security vulnerabilities without physically updating the devices. Windows patch management helps reduce IT cognitive load without compromising the security of enterprise Windows devices.

Patch management in Windows works via third-party management software or a cloud-based MDM software. On Scalefusion MDM, the native Windows MDM agent queries and syncs the available updates or patches with the managed devices. These updates include both software and driver updates and the frequency for syncing the updates can be set on the dashboard.

The three common types of patch management are security patches, bug fixes and feature updates. Patch management gives the administrator control over identifying, acquiring, testing and deploying patches to fix bugs, close security gaps and add features.

Patch management in Windows fixes vulnerabilities in your software and applications susceptible to cyberattacks and other security risks. Windows patch management software provides a centralized view of patches applied across your device fleet. It helps determine which devices are up-to-date and which need an update. It can also run periodic checks to identify new patches when available.