Android Remote Control

Android Remote Control & Management Software For Devices

Remote pc control software & access devices, communicate with VoIP calling, facilitate ticketing, and curb support costs with Android remote control software.

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Scalefusion AER

Scalefusion is Android Enterprise Recommended

Manage everything that runs on Android with security and confidence. We are now an Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solution.

Over-the-air IT Support for Android Devices

Resolve issues on Android devices with Scalefusion Remote Cast and Control. Extend quick fixes by remotely mirroring device screens on the Scalefusion dashboard. On select devices, take screen control.

  • Remotely cast device screens on the Scalefusion dashboard

  • Provide step-by-step issue resolution over VoIP call

  • Push files, download for inspection or delete files from the device

  • Take screenshots and screen recordings

  • Create context-aware support tickets

Remote Troubleshoot With Voice Calling

Initiate device issue resolution by providing step-by-step guidelines to the end-user over VoIP calling using Eva Communication Suite. Shorten device downtime without physically accessing the device deployed at remote locations.

Scalefusion’s Remote Control Software for Android

Push business apps on managed devices without end-user intervention. Extend secure access to public apps from the Scalefusion dashboard. Silently install applications on managed devices without end-user intervention.

Remote Control Software for Android

Monitor device activity, schedule alerts, and cast Android device screens in real-time to observe device issues.

Remotely Access Unattended Devices

Connect with the end-user using VoIP calling. Offer remote assistance and sync files for troubleshooting.

Screen Mirroring & File Sync

Create and manage content-aware support tickets with detailed device & issue information on the integrated ITSM tool.

Monitor System Info & App Installation

View system information, including OS version, available memory & installed apps, kill processes, uninstall apps or push new files to Android devices.

Remotely Control your Android Devices with Scalefusion MDM

Save Costs and Time Spent on in-Person Troubleshooting

Technical crack-ups, device or software errors, network errors and glitches hamper employee productivity. Addressing these quickly and extending resolutions for a large device inventory, spread within several geographical locations is a critical IT challenge.

With Remote Support:

  • Save on-site troubleshooting expenses

  • Provide issue resolutions, faster

  • Reduce device downtime

Resolve Issues with Scalefusion’s Remote Control Management

Significantly cut down support costs, curb device downtime, and upkeep performance of Android devices with versatile capabilities of Scalefusion. Remote control Android devices with device performance tracking, compliance alert schedules, and device screen mirroring.


Monitor device activity, schedule alerts & cast Android device screens in real-time to observe device issues.


Connect with the end-user using VoIP calling. Offer remote assistance, sync files for troubleshooting.


Create & manage content-aware support tickets with detailed device & issue information on integrated ITSM tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, one can easily control Android phones remotely once they are enrolled in an MDM solution and managed by an IT admin. The IT admin can then leverage the remote control feature within the MDM solution to control and manage an Android device fleet remotely.

Remote control software creates a connection between the remote and a local host through an internet or network connection. Once the end user accepts the remote control or access request, IT admins can access the user’s smartphone or PC and configure or troubleshoot the device as needed.

Remote control software offers numerous benefits, such as:
- Quick response time
- Reduced device downtime
- Firewall configurations
- End-user data privacy
- Third-party integrations
- Cost savings
- Improved productivity
- Centralized data storage

The most common and prominent features of Android remote management software are:
- Remote troubleshooting
- File/app transfer
- Multiple device navigation
- Chat support
- Audio/video recording of sessions
- Unattended access
- In-depth device visibility
- Cross-platform collaboration and support