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Remote Control Software for Android Devices with Voice Calling

Solve Android device issues faster and reduce equipment downtime & travel costs with screen sharing, remote control and inbuilt voice calling feature.

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Make a Voice Call for fast, effective support

With our voice calling feature you can talk & guide the end-user what needs to be done to resolve the issue during an on-going remote session. This allows you to resolve the device issues that are sometimes not easy to solve over a screen sharing or control session.

Remote Support

Scalefusion Remote Control Software Capabilities

Remote Control Software provides the ability to view and control a remote device as if they were physically present from the Scalefusion Dashboard. It eliminates the need to check the device issues in-person or communicate device issues through email or phone calls. Once configured, IT admins can troubleshoot issues with user devices remotely. This feature currently works on Samsung KNOX supported, Sony, LG, Lenovo and rooted devices that run on Android version 5.0 and onwards.

Remote Support

Remote Control

Navigate the screen, access applications, and click as if you’re holding the device in your hands (Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo & rooted devices Only)

Remote Support

Unattended Remote Access

Control unattended Android devices being used as point-of-sale systems or kiosks.

Remote Support

Screen Sharing

View what the end-user sees on their Android phone or tablet in real time, including apps, settings, and the device camera. (Android 5.0+ Lollipop)

Remote Support

App Uninstall and System Information

View key system info, kill processes and uninstall apps on Android devices. Viewable system information including OS version, memory, apps, and more.

Scalefusion Remote Cast Capabilities

Remote Cast mirrors the active screen of the Android device on the administrator’s dashboard giving real-time information about the device’s current activity. It allows you to provide remote support for Android phones and tablets that do not support remote control. This feature currently works on all devices that run on Android version 5.0 and onwards.


View all the ongoing activities that end-user does on his device in real-time.


Monitor ongoing activities on the device to have a clear understanding of the issue and provide a quick resolution.


Collaborate and chat with other administrators, end-user with Scalefusion EVA Communication Suite to offer remote assistance to users.

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