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Android MDM Solution to Secure & Manage your Device Fleet

Secure & manage Android devices for heightened employee productivity. Streamline usage restrictions & policies to ensure the security of critical corporate data.

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Turn your Android Devices into Dedicated Kiosks with Scalefusion MDM

Scalefusion Android Mobile Device Management (Android MDM) software empowers IT administrators to secure, manage and control company-owned Android devices. Support a wide range of enterprise scenarios for contractors, frontline, knowledge and remote workers.

    Dedicated Device Management

  • Multi App Kiosk Mode: Two or more apps are available on the Android device. Suited for customer-facing kiosks.

  • Single App Kiosk Mode: The device runs only one application at a time. Access to any other app is prevented and the same app is auto-launched on reboot.

  • Full device management

  • Agent Mode: The device UI remains intact. Scalefusion runs in the background and select policies can be controlled.

Android Mobile Device Management Software with Flexible Device Ownership Types


Ideal management mode for employee-owned devices

  • Limited device control to IT

  • IT can access only work container

  • Segregation of personal and work data

Android MDM for Employee-Owned Devices


Ideal management mode for enterprise-owned devices

  • Full device control

  • Single or multi-app Kiosk Mode

  • Security of device and data

Android MDM for Company-Owned Devices

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Work profile
Dedicated device
Rugged device

Get Started with Android MDM Software

Bulk Device Enrollment for Diverse Device Types

Speed up policy application on the devices with bulk device enrollment. Create policies, push apps and content and get started with device management.

QR code-based Enrollment

Streamline device setup in a few simple steps. Admins and users can simply scan a QR code and policies will be automatically applied on iOS & Android devices.

EMM Token Enrollment (AFW#)

Enroll company-owned Android devices when they are unboxed or after a factory reset. Perform six taps on the device screen and scan a QR Code.

Serial Number-based Enrollment

Upload a CSV of serial numbers of Android devices on the Scalefusion dashboard. Enroll devices, apply policies and restrictions in bulk.

IMEI-based Enrollment

Enroll Android devices by adding IMEI numbers and apply policies against each device in a straightforward CSV sheet. Add devices to specific groups and apply policy configurations without manual intervention.

Samsung KME-based Enrollment

Samsung Knox streamlines enrollment of Samsung devices with KME-based enrollment. Integrated with Scalefusion, easily roll out policy configurations & automatically enroll devices in bulk. End-users can start using devices with pre-applied policies & restrictions.

Manage business apps with Android MDM Solutions
Application Management for Android MDM Solution

Install, Update and Uninstall Applications with Ease

Bring in the power of Android apps to your business. Push apps critical to your business operations and employee productivity with Scalefusion App Management. Restrict end-user downloads and cut off impending security threats.

  • Managed Play Store: Install business apps and PWAs from Google Play Store.

  • Scalefusion Enterprise Store: Publish in-house apps on devices by uploading Android APK on the Scalefusion dashboard.


Remote app installation without end-user intervention. Schedule app publishing.


Schedule app publishing and updates.

App Config

Configure app settings to suit your needs.

Get Deep Insights Into Your Device Inventory

Our Unified Mobile Device Management dashboard is powerful, intuitive and insightful. It allows you to manage your devices, apps, and content from one place. Couple that with our data-driven mobile analytics feature DeepDive, you can get a 360-degree overview of the entire device inventory.

Scalefusion MDM DeepDive

Android Mobile Management with Remote Cast & Control

Say no to loss of productivity and added costs caused by device errors. Instantly troubleshoot device issues on Android devices used by frontline and remote employees. Cast device screens, take screen control and rapidly resolve device issues.

Android MDM with Remote Cast & Control

VOIP Calling

Provide step-by-step guidelines to end-users over VoIP call.

File Sync

Access device files from the dashboard. Add, delete files and setup files.

Support Tickets

Create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM tool

Experience Android MDM Solution Driven by Simplicity

Key Features of Scalefusion MDM for Android Devices

Leverage a wide range of features to expedite Android device management. Protect corporate data and prevent device misuse.

Scalefusion Android MDM Features

Email & Exchange Settings

Enable quick access to work email. Push email and exchange settings.

Network Settings

Configure Wi-Fi network, hotspot and data roaming settings.

Location Tracking

Track device location. Create geofences for enhanced monitoring.

Certificate Management

Push digital certificates for authenticating connections to enterprise Wi-Fi.

Content Management

Turn your devices into digital signage. Create and publish interactive content, presentations and documents.

Browser Management

Block access to non-business websites. Configure browser settings for added security.


Block factory reset, control hardware buttons, prevent screenshots of work apps and enforce passwords.

IT Task Automation

Leverage pre-built workflows to automate IT tasks and compliance checks on managed devices.

Experience Android Device Management Driven by Simplicity