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Alliance Air Better Managed their iPads for Pilots & Crew Members with Scalefusion UEM


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The Overview

Founded in 1996, Alliance Air Aviation Private Limited is known for "Connecting India". It primarily focuses on connecting interior points to metros, adding virgin territories to its network, thereby developing new markets and increasing business, tourism, and travel to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. They focus on uncovering remote, unique routes and destinations that are otherwise deemed uncommon via commercial airlines.

Their Goal: To enhance operational processes, elevate brand experience, and guarantee safe and secure air services for everyone.

The Challenge

Managing iPads for pilots and crew members while maintaining app Updates and device tracking.

Alliance Air encountered several challenges concerning the management of iPads for their pilots and crew. They needed an MDM solution that was easy to deploy and offered robust customer support for prompt issue resolution during daily operations. Ensuring devices were used exclusively for operational purposes and preventing misuse was a priority. Additionally, they wanted the ability to push and update proprietary apps remotely and provide a professional experience by branding the devices. Tracking device location was crucial due to pilots' and crews' frequent travel with the risk of device loss.

Scalefusion’s Solution

An MDM for airline services, offering iPad management to track, monitor, and manage apps on-the-go.

Scalefusion Mobile Device Management provided a practical solution to this challenge, making operations smoother. Scalefusion provided Alliance Air with a unified platform to manage, control, and secure iPad devices given to their pilots and crew members with a zero-touch enrollment solution that made enrolling a device quick and simple. With 24/6 free customer support and a dedicated account manager available, Alliance Air experienced a significant boost in productivity as they efficiently resolved device issues on the go!

Scalefusion's Kiosk Lockdown helped managing ipad in cockpits— the pilots could use only company-approved work-focused apps, with no room for misuse or unauthorized access. Web-content filtering was applied with an allow list and block list of websites the pilots could access on duty. The Application Management feature within the dashboard allowed their IT admin to push in-house applications remotely and update them whenever needed, giving the pilots the most recent version of their software.

The branding feature offered by Scalefusion allowed their IT admin to customize the home screen and lock screen wallpapers to promote the essence of their brand. With Location Tracking, the IT admin could keep track of the device's location in real-time, and with additional features, they could wipe off critical data if the device got lost or stolen.

Key Features

MDM for airline services: iOS management solution

  • Location Tracking

  • Security

  • Content Management

  • Web Content Filtering

  • Remote Cast and Control

  • Patch Management

  • Reports and Device Analytics

  • Custom Branding

  • Kiosk Lockdown

  • App Catalog & Private App Store Space


“We chose Scalefusion because it met all our MDM requirements. The enrollment was easy, actions could be pushed remotely, which is a necessity in our field of business. Additionally, customer support was reliable at every step. The pricing also aligned perfectly with the value of the solution.”
Pankaj Kumar
Deputy Manger-IT, Alliance Air Aviation Limited

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