Simplify Kiosk Management with Scalefusion

Manage, control and secure company-owned Android, iOS & Windows devices and distribute apps and content across a wide range of mobile devices from the cloud.

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Leverage Kiosk Mode with Scalefusion

Our Kiosk Software empowers admins to manage, control and secure company-owned devices.

Change the look of your device home screen to reflect your company branding with your logo, company name and custom wallpaper.
Lockdown the device to run only one app at all the time & prevent access to other apps and auto-launch the same application when the device reboots.
Create an Immersive Kiosk experience that allows you to turn Tablets & iPads into public kiosks.
Scalefusion notification center will show the generic app notifications from the allowed apps. Once this feature is enabled, App users can access it by swiping down from the status bar.

Gain Birds-Eye View from Our Unified Dashboard

DeepDive gives you a comprehensive and insightful summary of your device inventory along with real-time data about the device health, security, data usage, compliance, and other crucial information.

DeepDive Dashboard
Total Control

Total Control Over the Devices with Scalefusion Kiosk Management Software

Scalefusion supports iOS, Windows and wide-range of Android-powered devices like phones, tablets, mPOS, rugged devices and digital signages.

Device Groups & Profiles

Device Groups & Profiles

Device Profiles allows you to create a profile with pre-selected apps, websites and specific branding. Device groups allow you to organize devices into different groups.

Easy Device Organization

The Device Groups feature allows you to organize your devices into groups. Make certain changes to an entire group of devices, rather than individually.

Set Custom Roles & Permissions

Set device administrators to a group or the entire group of devices.

Create Multiple Device Profiles

Create multiple device profiles if you want to have different settings for your devices.

Copy Device Profile

Create a clone of existing device profile.

Kiosk Browser

Kiosk Browser

Scalefusion Kiosk Browser is a secure & highly configurable web browser. It allows you to lock your Android devices to a specific website or group of sites preventing end users from accessing any other websites.

Whitelisting Websites

Whitelisting enables you to have a controlled browsing on your device.

Hide Address Bar

Hide the Scalefusion Browser’s address bar to block users from typing URLs.

Enable Incognito Mode

No history, session cookie or form passwords are remembered after browser is closed.

Remotely Clear Browser Cache

Remotely clear the browser cache on all of your devices.

Refresh Website

Reload website after some time interval which will help you to see the latest content of websites.

Location Tracking

Location Tracking

Location Tracking feature helps you determine and track the location of your devices in real-time.

Location History

Keep track of each device location from their point of origin.

Single Geo Fence

Create a virtual fence for each device or the group of devices.

Multi Geo Fence

Create multiple geo-fence for multiple devices or groups.

Geo Fence Alerts

Once geo-fence is set, an admin receives a notification whenever the devices breach the set zone.

Bulk Enrollemnt

Bulk Enrollment

Bulk enrollment feature makes the device enrollment mechanism easy, fast and error-free in a single go, no matter how many devices you have to enroll.

Configuration File Enrollment

Ease the device enrollment by selecting the group or profile and choose a device naming convention to have an organized manner on device names.

IMEI Based Enrollment

Ease the device enrollment by uploading the list of IMEIs of each device along with desired group or profile that you want to attach those IMEIs to, in a CSV file.

QR Code based Enrollment

A quick and easy way to enroll either one or multiple devices. Create multiple QR Codes depending upon the kind of configuration that you want.

Reports and Alerts

Reports & Alerts

View detailed reports of data usage, location history and get email notifications on various functions and activities related to your devices.

Data Usage Reports

Provides the report of mobile data, WiFi data, app wise data usage.

Location Reports

Location history reports for each device or group of devices.

Data Usage Alerts

Receive a notification when the device exceeds the data limit set by you.

Geofence Alerts

Get device geo-fence alerts for the particular time range of a day.

Battery Level Alerts

Get device battery percentage (%) alerts for the selected time range of a day.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

This feature allows you to change the look of your device home screen to reflect your company branding with your logo, company name, and custom wallpaper.

Basic Branding

In basic branding, you can change and edit logo, a color of the navigation bar, and wallpaper on the device.

Advance Branding

In advance branding, you can change and edit app icon size, text color, label color & transparency on the device.

Browser Shortcut Branding

Enable/Disable Scalefusion branding on browser shortcuts icon on the device.

Hide App Label

Enable/Disable label of the app icon on the device.

Global Settings

Global Settings

Global settings feature allows you turn On / Off the location tracker and Enable / Disable the application notifications to the device at one click.

Enable GPS Location

Enforce your device user to enable GPS(location) on the device.

App Notification Settings

Enabling App notifications will enable the device(s) to receive alert notifications from the allowed Apps.

Email Notification Settings

Enabling email notifications will enable the device(s) to receive alert notifications for new email.

Password Protected Safe Mode

This feature enables the user to enter a password when the device boots in safe mode.

Admins & Roles

Admins & Roles

This feature allows the account owner to create the new admin with customized roles and permissions. Also, limit their access by assigning them to specific roles.

System Roles

We have created a few pre-defined roles to assist you in the creation of the same.

Custom Roles

Create your own customized roles and assign them to your administrators.

Group Admin

Create multiple admins for the particular group with customized roles and permissions.

Device & Group Admin

Set device/group owner and customize roles and permissions.

Email Configuration

Email Configuration

Some organizations, mostly SME's opt to change settings based on email servers, which gives them full benefits of email and at the same time keeping the costs low. Scalefusion addresses this by providing you with an easy to use Email Settings section.

Email Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most frequently used email and calendar software. Hence it becomes important to be able to configure and control the Exchange settings on the fly.

Email Settings

Configure SMTP, Account, Mail and Apple-specific settings and save time by publishing them to the Device Profiles.

Device Enrollemnt Program

Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) helps businesses easily deploy and configure Apple devices which provides a fast & streamlined way to deploy iPad and iPhone devices.

Supervise During Setup

DEP simplifies initial setup by automating enrollment and supervision of devices during setup, you can skip certain setup assistance to simplify the process.

Enrollment Made Easy

By configuring Scalefusion to manage your DEP devices, you can enforce them to become Supervised during the first time they are Unboxed and also enroll into Scalefusion Dashboard.

Volume Purchase Program

Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Volume Purchase Program by Apple allows an organization to find, purchase and distribute applications in bulk and install them onto the corp-owned or employee devices.

Silent Installation of Apps

Advantage of using it is that it enables you as an administrator to silently install, update and uninstall applications on devices.

Remove Dependency

Removes the dependency on configuring an iTunes account on each of the managed device and requires no user-interaction.

Retain Ownership of Purchased Apps

Volume Purchase Program allows businesses and schools to retain ownership of purchased apps, so apps can be reclaimed and redistributed when needed.

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