Kiosk Lockdown Software

Lock Android Devices to Business Apps, Prevent Unauthorized Access & Limit Excess Data Costs

Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown Software allows you to manage & control company-owned Android devices used by your employees, tablet-based interactive kiosks, mobile point of sale (mPOS) and digital signage.


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Android MDM
Full Device Management
Android MDM
Work Profile Management
Android MDM
Dedicated Device Management

Lockdown your Device to Run into Single or Multiple Applications

Lock mobile devices to run business-specific apps and websites. Prevent unauthorized access & curb excess data costs with Scalefusion.

Bulk Enrollment
Bulk Enrollment
Lock down to single app
Lock down to single app
Publish Business Content
Publish Business Content
Manage Apps Remotely
Manage Apps Remotely
Configure Kiosk Browser
Configure Kiosk Browser
Allow Whitelisted Websites
Allow Whitelisted Websites
Limit Data Usage
Limit Data Usage
Track Device Location
Track Device Location
Remotely Lock and Wipe
Remotely Lock and Wipe

Lockdown any Device running Android OS

Our Kiosk Lockdown Android allows to manage various types of devices running Android OS 4.0.3 & above

Rugged Device

Seamless Device Management Even in the Toughest Environments

Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown Software provides organizations with a simple yet robust solution to enroll, configure and manage ruggedized tablets, smartphones, and handheld scanners running on Android. Easily configure rugged devices in single-app mode or multi-app mode with the ability to prevent user access to settings, by turning the devices into Kiosk Mode.

kindle Fire

Keep Students focused with Kindle Fire Device Management

Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown Software allows educational institutions to enroll and manage Kindle Fire tablet by locking them into Kiosk Mode. We support specific Kindle Fire tablets models and Amazon Fire OS versions.

Android TV

Flexible Management of Android TV Box

Scalefusion Lockdown App allows organizations to manage and secure digital signages that are streaming content via screening devices such as TV Boxes and TV sticks running Android OS.


Scalable solution for securing & managing mPOS

With Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown App you can secure and manage Android based mPOS from the cloud. We simplify application deployment & upgrades, and setting restrictions like running apps in single app mode.

Phones Tablets

Enroll & Manage Multiple Android devices

Prevent misuse of Android devices used by your employees or fieldforce. With Kiosk Software Android, easily enroll devices in single-app mode or multi-app mode with the ability to prevent user access to settings, in Android Tablet Kiosk Mode.

Lockdown Android Devices into Kiosk Mode

Scalefusion locks down your devices into kiosk mode and gives you control over which apps are to be enabled or disabled on the devices.

android Single App Mode

Configure Android kiosks to run a single application deployed for diverse use-cases.

  • Run a single application published from Play Store or publish a private enterprise app for your business

  • Set the kiosk to run as a browser to access whitelisted websites

android Multi-App Mode

Restrict the Android kiosk device to run only specific applications allowed by the IT admin.

  • Run multiple applications including web browser configured to access only whitelisted websites

  • Customize launcher to display only allowed applications

android Lockdown Browser

Configure browser settings on Android kiosk, providing access to whitelisted websites only.

  • Restrict users from typing in the browser address bar, disable multiple tabs & block hardware & navigation

  • Enforce incognito mode & clear browser history

Transform an Android Device into Kiosk Mode within minutes

Our Android Kiosk Software Capabilities

Streamline, simplify & expediate kiosk management with comprehensive enterprise kiosk software features packaged into one solution

Eva Communication Suite

Eva Communication Suite

Establish two-way encrypted messaging & VoIP calling to enable team communication



Automate periodic compliance checks to detect violations, schedule device reboot & device lock

Remote Cast

Remote Cast

Cast kiosk screen to detect issues, take screenshots, cast recordings & raise tickets for device issues



Reduce device downtime by creating tickets, sending broadcast messages

Key Benefits and Advantages of Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown Solution

Leverage ease-of-use provided by devices your employees are familiar with! Amplify employee productivity by providing seamless, secure access to business apps and resources with Scalefusion.

Kiosk Solution
  • Restrict devices for business use to selected apps and websites

  • Reduce data costs by preventing access to non-business websites

  • Ensure user data privacy by enforcing incognito mode

  • Track device performance, battery, data usage and compliance violations

  • Remote cast device screens to troubleshoot issues on unattended kiosks

Total Control over your End-Users’ Android experience

With Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown Software, IT admins can secure your devices from misuse, prevent excess data costs & allow specific business applications to drive efficiency & productivity

Custom branding

Customize wallpaper & logo to resonate your company’s branding

Device Groups

Facilitate management by creating device groups & group-level restrictions

Restrict apps

Enable access only to apps allowed by IT teams

Single and Multi Geofence

Set up single & multiple geo-fences & monitor device location

Device Profiles

Create & apply robust set of policies to exercise granular control

Factory Reset Protection

Disable factory reset to protect device from misuse

Detect Compliance Violations

Schedule periodic compliance checks to monitor violations

Remote Wipe/Factory Reset

Wipe-off device data & factory reset device from dashboard

Password-protected kiosk mode

Enforce passcode policies to prevent unauthorized access

Get Quick and Deep Insights Into Your Device Inventory

Our Unified Device Management dashboard is powerful, intuitive and insightful. It allows you to manage your devices, apps, and content from one place.

Device Inventory Management

Our Kiosk Lockdown Software is Perfect for

Our Android Kiosk Software is being used across different industry verticals.



Restrict access to unwanted apps & videos streaming on company-owned devices using Kiosk Lockdown App, track the device location in real-time.


Manage your tablets, smartphones & point of sales (POS) devices with Scalefusion by giving control to the admin to remotely enable/disable the app on the device.


Prevent students from playing games or watching videos on school-owned devices in the classroom to make the learning experience more exciting & engaging.


Secure the use of corporate-owned mobile devices used by doctors and staff members. Restrict access and usage of unwanted & malicious applications.


The visitors can quickly look for information on the mobile devices and get an instant answer. The interactive kiosks increase the visitor engagement.


Project managers & Engineers can easily assign tasks to their field workers and keep track of work progress to get a better workflow in the construction project.