Scalefusion Kiosk Features

Simplify Kiosk Management With Scalefusion

Keep a close eye on your enterprise devices, organize apps and content for work, secure your corporate data from misuse.

Simplified Enrollment

Save manual IT efforts in individually provisioning the devices. Enroll the devices on the Scalefusion dashboard over the air. Ship them directly to your employees.

Android Zero-touch

Enroll devices in bulk over the air using Android Zero-touch. End-users can start using the device straight out of the box.

Apple Device Enrollment Program

Supervise Apple devices using Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) in Apple Business Manager. Enroll devices straight out of the box.

IMEI based enrollment

Upload CSV of IMEI numbers of Android mobile devices to the Scalefusion dashboard. Apply policies on all devices in bulk.

Serial Number based enrollment

Add CSV of serial numbers of Android devices to the Scalefusion dashboard. Enforce corporate policies on all the devices.

QR Code/URL based enrollment

Create QR codes and URLs for specific device policies and send them to users over email. End-users can scan the QR code using the device camera or access the URL to enroll the devices.

Samsung KME based enrollment

Complete the Samsung KME setup on the Scalefusion dashboard. Provision Samsung Knox devices in bulk without user intervention.

Email based enrollment

Invite BYOD users to corporate policies over email. Users can complete the verification with OTP authentication received in the email.

ROM based enrollment

Using Scalefusion’s OEM partnerships, automate device management with customized ROMs.

G Suite based enrollment

Sign up using G Suite account credentials. Invite users from their directory for enrolling BYOD devices.

Office 365 based enrollment

Create a Scalefusion account using O 365 account credentials. Add and invite BYOD users from your Active directory to the Scalefusion dashboard.

Windows Autopilot

Automate Windows 10 device enrollment. Provision Windows 10 devices straight out of the program with Windows Autopilot program.

Azure AD Joined

Simplify and automate Windows 10 device enrollment when a user signs in to their work account on the PC.

Apple user enrollment

Enroll iOS BYOD devices using managed Apple ID for modern BYO device management.

Device Management Policies

Every enterprise needs devices for varied use cases. Choose from different device management policies to configure devices. Create comprehensive settings for apps, branding, hardware and security.

Full Device Management

Set Scalefusion as the launcher. Lock the devices to single or multiple business applications. Prevent distractions and excess data costs. Configure devices used as Point-of-Sales systems or digital signage.

Work Profile Management

Enable employees to use their favorite Android, iOS and macOS devices for work. Equip with business apps and content. Keep employee privacy intact.

Dedicated Device Management

Run the Scalefusion app in the background. Allow only business apps and content on the device.


Secure your corporate-owned devices from malware and attacks. Protect corporate data against misuse and unauthorized access.

Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Apply FRP on Android EMM devices. Allow only select google accounts to set up the device upon factory reset.

Remote Wipe-off

Remotely wipe-off data on lost or retired devices. Selectively wipe off corporate data on employee-owned devices.

SafetyNet Attestation

Scalefusion supports Google SafetyNet Attestation. Validate employee-owned Android devices for integrity, security and compatibility.

Data Loss Prevention

Extend DLP by controlling network and sharing settings. Prevent users from copying data from work apps to personal apps on BYO devices.

Passcode Policy Enforcement

Enforce passcodes on enterprise devices. Define password type and how complex the passcodes should be. Select how often the passcodes should be changed to ensure added security.

Marked As Lost

Protect lost or stolen company-owned iOS devices. On the dashboard, mark the device as lost to block device access.

Certificate Management

Maintain security of devices operating on unknown networks. Upload and push digital certificates for device authentication on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices.

VPN Configuration

Secure access to corporate data and networks by remotely configuring VPN. Configure native protocols for VPN or choose a third-party VPN provider on the Scalefusion dashboard.


Leverage Microsoft’s built-in feature to encrypt device hard disks. Configure BitLocker settings on managed Windows 10 devices, enforce PIN-based access and simplify recovery after device wipe-off.

Windows Information Protection

Protect corporate data on Windows BYO devices with WIP policy. Prevent personal apps on employee devices from accessing corporate files and app data.

Block Hardware and Navigation

Prevent device misuse by blocking hardware keys, power button, volume keys and screen navigation on select devices.

Gatekeeper and Firewall

Prevent users from overriding gatekeeper settings. Enable firewall to control connections between apps and network posts on managed devices.


Protect corporate data on macOS devices. Leverage macOS built-in full disk encryption program and encrypt the disk data on managed macOS devices.

Application Management

Help your employees be productive. Load business apps on the devices and keep them up to date.

Google Play Store

Select apps available on the Google Play Store. Push on Android devices. Configure, update or uninstall remotely.

App Store

Select, push, update or delete apps from the App Store on iPhones and iPads.

Windows Business Store

Integrate Windows Business Store with Scalefusion. Select and push applications on Windows 10 devices managed via Azure AD.

Apple Volume Purchase Program

Add your Apple VPP token on the Scalefusion dashboard. Purchase app licenses in bulk and assign to iOS devices. Update, delete or reassign licenses remotely.

App Update Configuration

Configure Application Update settings at the profile level instead of having the same policies for all devices.

Block Components

Configure packages or specific screens within the allowed applications that should be blocked on Android devices.

Scalefusion Deployer

Add all your .exe, .msi, .bat, .ps1 files, along with command prompts and other documents, into the deployer and publish it on your devices.

  • Generate custom packages for 3rd party apps, files, and scripts

  • Define task execution order

  • Define commands or actions for pre-execution and post-execution of scripts

Windows App Catalog

Windows App Catalog provides a centralized space containing a set of apps from where IT admins can securely manage and distribute applications to end-users Windows devices.

  • Select form 1000s Apps

  • Create App Configurations

  • Auto-Update Apps

  • Categorize Apps

  • Delete & Uninstall Apps

Enterprise Store

Use Scalefusion Enterprise Store to distribute private apps. Publish, version or delete from the dashboard.

You can upload private apps using:

  • APK (for Android)

  • PList link or IPA file (for iOS)

  • Win32 or UWP (for Windows 10)

  • PKG files (for macOS)

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Content Management

Upload, publish, edit or delete business content on enterprise devices. You can upload text, videos, image files or folders. Add files using an external link on the Scalefusion dashboard.

Scalefusion App

On iOS devices, the end-users can access the business files by launching the Scalefusion App. The FileDock section within the app will have all the content made available by the IT admin.


On Android devices, the end-users can access the files in the FileDock App.

Presentation Mode

Configure the content files to run in a loop. Create and publish presentations. Set presentations as screensavers.

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Secure Browsing

Prevent excess data loss by controlling the browsing environment on enterprise devices. Allow only trusted websites and protect corporate data from attack by malicious websites.

Website Whitelisting

Allow only specific websites and block the rest. Disable cookies and cache for privacy.

Browser Management

Create extensive browser settings. Disable javascript, pop-ups, form autofill, cookies, and history. Configure browser apps for kiosks and shared devices.

  • Chrome Browser - for Android and Windows

  • Safari Browser - for iOS

  • Windows ProSurf Browser - designed for Windows devices

  • Scalefusion Android Browser - designed for Android devices

  • ProSurf Browser - Scalefusion browser designed for iOS

Location Tracking

Enforce location settings to keep track of all your enterprise devices.

Location Tracking

Track enterprise devices used by your frontline workers. GPS-based location tracking for Android and iOS devices. Track IP-based location for macOS devices.


Create and apply geofences to Android and iOS devices. Detect when a device enters or leaves the geofence.

Geofence-based Policy Application

Use one device for two business tasks. Dynamically change device policies when a device enters or exits a geofence.

Remote Troubleshooting

Reduce device downtime by extending support in real-time. Save on costs of physically troubleshooting enterprise Android and iOS devices. Resolve device issues on unattended kiosks and digital signage.

Remote Cast

Cast device screens as they appear to the end-user. Monitor device issues closely on the Scalefusion dashboard.

Screen Recording and Screenshots

Capture screenshots and screen recordings to resolve device issues.

Remote Control

Take control of the Android and Windows 10 device screens. Navigate to troubleshoot device issues from the dashboard.

VoIP Calling

Make VoIP calls to the end-user. Provide step-wise attractions for quick issue resolution.

File Sync

Sync files of Android devices. Upload, download or delete files to resolve issues.


Integrate any third-party ITSM tool on the Scalefusion dashboard. Create context-aware support tickets within the dashboard.

Unattended Remote Cast and Control

Utilize the hardware-based capabilities of Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) to remotely access and control Windows devices, even when they are powered off.

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Conditional Email Access

Prevent unauthorized access to corporate mailboxes. Reinforce corporate data security for your BYOD environment with Conditional Email Access for Exchange Online & IceWarp.

Default Global Access Policy

Quarantine all new users by default and restrict access to emails via Exchange Online unless they enroll their devices with Scalefusion.

Select Target Users

Specify target users for selective Conditional Email Access policy application for Exchange Online and IceWarp.

Extend Grace Period

Allow users a grace period to enroll their devices with Scalefusion. Liberate them from the quarantine mode for 15 to 30 days.

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Update & Patch Management

Ensure that your enterprise devices always run on the latest versions. Automate OS and app patch updates with minimal effort from the Scalefusion dashboard.

Push Software & Driver Updates

Push a variety of security updates and driver updates, feature and service packs and much more from the dashboard.

Configure Patch Intervals

Configure how often the OS and driver updates are synced with the Scalefusion backend.

Configure Patch Schedules

Configure the time, date and week to install the updates. Alternatively, force install updates on missed schedules.

Automated Application Patching

Protect your Windows devices with Automated Third-Party Application Patching. Safely deploy app patches remotely to keep your data secure from vulnerabilities and threats.

View OS Updates

Get a holistic view of all the available OS updates on your enrolled Android devices. Configure sync intervals and view available OS updates on all managed Android devices.

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Scalefusion OneIdP

Strengthen your security posture with comprehensive identity, access, and endpoint management with Scalefusion OneIdP- UEM-integrated identity and access management solution.



Manage all your user identities efficiently and eliminate the need for external solutions. Create your custom directory on *.oneidp domain or integrate third-party directory services.

Access Management with Keycard

Pre-define login conditions for users to securely access their devices, corporate data, and work apps. Personalize the login screen of your desktop devices to reflect your brand identity.

Single Sign-On

Enable seamless access to work apps with a one-click login experience for your users. Leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA) by allowing users access based on their device management status.

Just-In-Time Admin

Reduce the risk of privilege creep by enforcing the least privilege access policies. Provide time-sensitive access to end-users upon request and free-up IT teams for other critical tasks.

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Scripting & AirThink AI

Upload Scripts for your Windows, macOS and Linux devices from the enterprise store or generate them using AirThink AI.

AirThink AI

Generate Powershell, Shell, Bash or Python scripts instantaneously, all from the comfort of the Scalefusion dashboard. Using machine learning algorithms AirThink AI generates scripts in seconds, no more sifting through countless lines of code – just tell AirThink AI what you need and let it do the rest.

Dynamic Scripting

Leverage script scheduling to automate tasks and streamline workflows, saving time and effort. With dynamic scripting, you have the power to adapt scripts on-the-fly, making them responsive to real-time conditions. With dynamic scripting you can define variables based on device attributes and user properties.

Remote Commands

Run a set of commands and manage diverse activities remotely on your Android devices. Observe instant outputs and avert frequent site visits.

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Task Automation

Automate recurring IT tasks to save manual IT effort. Schedule data-driven actions, periodic compliance checks and security alerts. Notify end-users on device usage alerts.

Reports and Device Analytics

Track device inventory with Scalefusion DeepDive. Monitor device analytics, battery, data and storage usage. Keep a check on the security incidents. Automate reports for around thirty different device parameters.

Integrations and API

Expand device management to appropriate it for your enterprise needs.

Freshservice Integration

Economize IT efforts in creating support tickets. Raise context-aware support tickets on integrated Freshservice IT Service Desk. Authenticate your Freshservice account by adding your Freshservice domain name and API key in Scalefusion Utilities.

ITSM Integration

Integrate any ITSM tool of your choice. Submit a Service Integration Request on the dashboard and our team will get in touch with you.

Developer API

Enable direct access to your managed device inventory. Perform actions on the managed devices. Integrate the Scalefusion dashboard to your internal applications with Scalefusion Developer API.


Integrate JIRA with Scalefusion for streamlining ticketing. Simplify IT support ticketing by creating context-aware tickets on JIRA within the Scalefusion dashboard.


Enable SAML-based sign in on the Scalefusion dashboard with Okta. Authenticate users logging in to the dashboard with Okta as an identity provider.