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iPad Kiosk App - Lockdown iPads & iPhones into Kiosk Mode

Lockdown your iPhone or iPad into a kiosk mode to run only a single app or multiple apps on your iOS devices. Configure an application to run on iPad or iPhone & turn it into an iOS kiosk app with Scalefusion

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With Supervised Mode Lockdown Your iPad Into Kiosk Mode

Support diverse range of enterprise and educational use-cases. Explore different capabilities of iOS MDM Solution.

  • Single App Mode: Lock the device to a single application. Block hardware keys, navigation and make the device run exclusively for your business.

  • Multi App Mode: Allow two or more apps on the iOS device, blocking the rest. Ideal for customer-facing and frontline use-cases.

  • Browser Lockdown: Restrict users to specific websites and create a safe browsing environment on iOS devices.

iPad Kiosk Software

iPad Kiosk Software Features

Scalefusion kiosk browser lockdown features create a safe and secure browsing environment that your business needs.

Web Filtering

Scalefusion MDM allows you to Blacklist/Whitelist specific websites and restricts access to unwanted web content.

Custom Branding

Set custom wallpaper and lock screen message on your iOS devices.

Single App Mode

Single App Mode is a feature for supervised devices that restrict iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone to running only one app.

Broadcast Messages

It enables you to send messages to devices or device groups with delivery & read acknowledgment for each message.

Location Tracking

With Location tracking, you can collect the real-time location details of iOS devices and view them on the dashboard.

Autonomous Single App Mode

Scalefusion offers a feature wherein an app can set itself in Single App mode as well as exit from the same mode.

Lockdown iPad & iPhone in One App Only

Scalefusion helps businesses configure any iOS app as an iPad Kiosk App, locking the iPad to a single app iPad Kiosk mode. Scalefusion iPad Kiosk Software aids in preventing device misuse by restricting the iPad strictly to business use.

How iPad Kiosk Software Works?

iPad Kiosk Mode allows you to run only one app in the foreground and restrict users’ access to any other apps or device settings. iOS Kiosk Mode works only on supervised iOS devices that are enrolled in Scalefusion MDM.

iPad Kiosk Software Benefits

Several businesses use iPads for different business use-case such as visitor self sign-in, customer feedback, user surveys, lead capture, etc. In these use-cases, it becomes important the users should be restricted from exiting your app or use any other applications. This is where the iPad Kiosk Mode is useful.

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Remotely Lockdown iPad into Kiosk Mode

Using Scalefusion MDM, you can centralize the control and management of your iOS devices. You can remotely manage apps, content, track device locations, set a custom wallpaper, and manage a host of other device settings to configure iOS kiosk app in kiosk mode.

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Lockdown iPad or iPhone to One App Mode

Running an iOS application in one app mode ensures that users cannot exit/close that application.

Frequently Asked Questions

iPad kiosk mode is similar to any other kiosk mode where a device is locked to single or multi-app functionality. IT admins can control the app/apps and troubleshoot iPads in kiosk mode remotely.

The primary purpose of iOS kiosk mode is to ensure that any unauthorized apps or websites are restricted so Apple devices can perform only the intended set of tasks. This improves employee productivity and customer experience, depending on the iOS kiosk mode use case.

iPad kiosk mode benefits businesses that want to collect customer surveys or run kiosks as self-service devices. Another advantage is that iPad kiosk mode provides an extra layer of data and device security since these devices are locked and can’t be tampered. iPad kiosks are widely used in education, retail, hospitality and healthcare.

To put your iPad into kiosk mode, you can use the Guided Access feature available on iOS. Guided Access allows you to lock the iPad to a single app and restrict certain functions, providing a controlled and focused experience. The iPad will remain locked to the specified app or apps, preventing users from accessing other apps or functions.

To run your iPad in Single App Mode, you can use the Apple Configurator 2 tool on a Mac computer. Single App Mode allows you to restrict the iPad to a single app, preventing users from exiting or accessing other apps on the device. Users will not be able to exit the app or access other apps on the device without the appropriate passcode or administrative access.

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