Lockdown Your Devices in Kiosk Mode with Scalefusion Kiosk Solution

A perfect Kiosk Management Software to manage, control and secure a fleet of devices to ensure productivity and precision.

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Multi-Platform Kiosk Management Solution

Lockdown your devices to single or multi app kiosk mode and manage apps, websites & content remotely from our unified dashboard.

Kiosk Management
Dashboard DMD

A Feature-Rich Kiosk Management Software

The remote management system coupled with advanced features enable you to manage and command the kiosk devices in real time from any location.


Location Tracking

Location Tracking feature determines and tracks the location of your devices in real-time.

Sim Incident

Multi App Mode

Our Kiosk Software App allow users to access multiple apps without tampering with the device settings.


Remote Kiosk Management

Manage multiple points of operation remotely through a Cloud-Based Solution.

Sim Incident

Custom Branding

Remotely update your company logo & custom wallpaper to all your Android devices.


Single App Mode

Run Application/Website in Single App Mode even when the device reboots.

Sim Incident

Remotely Lock/Unlock

Easily lock and unlock your devices remotely from our web-based dashboard.

Add More Value to Kiosk Mode with Our Add-Ons

EVA Communication Suite

Get all the relevant information inside EVA messenger

EVA Communication Suite has powerful features like Business Messenger with VoIP Calling, Contacts & Call Management and Account Notifications.
Scalefusion Application Management

Application Management via Scalefusion Enterprise Store

Securely distribute in-house & public apps over-the-air to devices using Scalefusion Enterprise Store or managed Google Play.
Scalefusion Remote Cast And Control

View, Monitor & Support your Workforce

Provide real-time support to your workforce by viewing their device screen remotely from Dashboard and on selected devices & take control of the screen.
Scalefusion Content Management

Device Content Management made simple

The administrator can manage all the content from the dashboard and remotely distribute it to the devices or group of devices seamlessly.

Secure Browser Experience with Implicit User Restrictions

Allow URL shortcuts that prevent access to other applications, websites or content & also disable hardware keys of the device.

Kiosk Browser

Hide Address Bar

Restrict users from typing any URL by hiding the address bar.

Whitelist Websites

Lock your devices to a specific website & block requests to untrusted sites effortlessly.

Enable Incognito Mode

Restrict the device from saving history, session cookie or form passwords.

Remotely Clear Browser Cache

Clear browser cache at specific time interval or manually when you whitelist and manage websites.


Expert Assistance to Mitigate Industry Challenges

Scalefusion helps organizations across industries to stay ahead of the curve by not only enhancing their productivity and performance, but by also improving their ROI on IT.

Enterprise Store


Restrict access to unwanted apps & videos streaming on company-owned devices using Kiosk Lockdown App, track the device location in real-time.
Enterprise Store


Manage your tablets, smartphones & point of sales (POS) devices with Scalefusion by giving control to the admin to remotely enable/disable the app on the device.
Enterprise Store


Prevent students from playing games or watching videos on school-owned devices in the classroom to make the learning experience more exciting & engaging.
Enterprise Store


Secure the use of corporate-owned mobile devices used by doctors and staff members. Restrict access and usage of unwanted & malicious applications.
Enterprise Store


The visitors can quickly look for information on the mobile devices and get an instant answer. The interactive kiosks increase the visitor engagement.
Enterprise Store


Project managers & Engineers can easily assign tasks to their field workers and keep track of work progress to get a better workflow in the construction project.

A Kiosk Management Software with Proven Business Benefits

Kiosk Management
  • Interactive modes drive customer engagement

  • Quick actions improve the customer experience

  • Limited access increases employee productivity

  • Centralized management streamlines IT operations

  • Easy enrollment reduces the go-to-market time for companies