Kiosk Browser Lockdown

Secure Browser in Android Devices With Scalefusion Kiosk Browser Lockdown

Create an Immersive kiosk experience by using Scalefusion Kiosk Browser that allows you to turn Android devices into public kiosks. Our Kiosk browser allows you to restrict users to specific websites and prevent access to Android device settings and non-essential apps.

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Our Kiosk Browser Lockdown Features

Scalefusion kiosk browser lockdown features create a safe and secure browsing environment that your business need.

Whitelisting Websites

It allows you to lock your devices to a specific website. It enables you to have controlled browsing on your device.

Hide Address Bar

Hide the Scalefusion Browser’s address bar to block users from typing URLs. It restricts the user from typing any URL.

Enable Incognito Mode

No history, session cookie or form passwords are remembered after browser is closed.

Clear Browser Cache

You can remotely clear the browser cache on all of your devices to protect the device from privacy.

Location Tracking

With Location tracking, you can collect the real-time location details of Android devices and view them on the dashboard.

Peripheral Access

Control user access to device peripherals like WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Screen Orientation, Airplane mode, Audio,GPS, etc.

Android Kiosk Browser Capabilities

Scalefusion kiosk browser restricts user access to certain websites that are non-business related and create a safe browsing environment.

URL Shortcuts/Custom Shortcuts

You can create URL shortcuts of the multiple websites that you have approved and they will be displayed on the customisable device home screen. It allows users to easily navigate to those websites. You can even customize those URL shortcuts with a favicon of your choice.

Showcase Your Website in Kiosk Browser

Showcase your single website for product browsing, online purchase and even for product customization.

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Scalefusion Android Kiosk Browser

Easily block the user access to non-business related websites and make use of the android browser for work purposes only.

For Public Kiosks

Deliver interactive digital experience to your customers by turning Android tablet into single-purpose kiosks. You can deliver online surveys, display product website or allow in-store digital purchases with the Scalefusion Kiosk Browser.

For Enterprise

Scalefusion Android Kiosk Browser safeguards data and increases employee productivity by controlling access to public websites on Android devices. You can block access to data consuming and non-business related websites like YouTube, Netflix etc.

Device Management Dashboard

Scalefusion Browser is one of our apps for Android that is part of Scalefusion-Kiosk Lockdown Solution. Using Scalefusion, you can centralize the control and management of your tablet kiosks. You can remotely update apps, track device locations, control branding, publish content to the devices and manage a host of other things on the device. With Scalefusion Browser and Kiosk solution you can easily manage your fleet of kiosks and deliver interactive digital experience to your customers.

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