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Per Device/Month* *Billed Annually Only

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Take the first step towards effortless device management

  • Manage Android, Windows, iOS, macOS & Linux
  • Android Enterprise
  • Apple Business Manager
  • Android Zero-touch Enrollments
  • Application Management Application Management via Play for Work, Apple App Store, Windows Business Store.
  • Kiosk Mode for Android & iOS
  • Kiosk Mode for Windows
  • Live Location
  • Basic Custom Branding
  • Basic Reports Get access to the essential reports such as Data Usage, Device Vital, Device Inventory, App Version, Sim Swap, Unlock Attempt and Device Availability reports.
  • Essential Role-based Access Control Pre-defined role-based access controls, along with a configurable passcode policy for dashboard access
  • Multi-factor Authentication for Technicians
  • Audit Logs
  • 1 Technician/Administrator


Per Device/Month* *Billed Annually Only

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Advanced device management for growing organizations

All the features of the Essential Plan and:

  • Advanced Restrictions for Windows & macOS
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Company Owned Personally Enabled (COPE)
  • Private Enterprise App Store Scalefusion offers a provision that is a simple and easy way to upload and distribute your Enterprise applications (Android/Windows/macOS/iOS) to enrolled devices.

    Number of Application Versions - 2
    It is the number of app versions the admin is allowed to upload on the Enterprise Store.
  • 200 MB of Private App Store Storage
  • Content Management
  • 200 MB of Content Management Storage
  • Location Tracking Location Tracking Sync Time: 15 mins
    Location History Retention: 30 days
  • Circular Geofence Multiple Circular Geofence
  • Advanced Branding
  • Advance Reporting
  • Enhanced Role-based Access Control Define custom roles for access controls and configure session timeout for IT Admins accessing the Scalefusion dashboard.
  • Basic Workflows Scalefusion's Workflows allows IT admins to schedule repeated tasks and additionally add actions when these tasks are performed. Basic Workflows are useful for scheduling tasks that take action on the device. These are useful in automating dashboard functionality based on time and days.
    With Basic Workflows, you can Schedule Switch Profile, Lock/Unlock, Reboot, Clear App Data, Clear browser cache, ProSurf Browser Clear cache for iOS, Switch presentation, publish applications, device reports and broadcast messages.
  • 5 Technicians/Administrators


Per Device/Month* *Billed Annually Only

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Effortless unified endpoint management across every platform

All the features of the Growth Plan and:

  • Dynamic Groups Dynamic Groups enable IT admins to define a set of rules, and when those rules or conditions are met, the devices get added to the groups. This allows IT admins the flexibility to auto-adjust the profiles/policies based on certain conditions where if the devices meet those conditions, the groups are auto-assigned to them.
  • App Catalog for Android & iOS It is a central repository of mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. This catalog provides a comprehensive list of approved applications that are authorized for use within an organization. With the app catalog, IT administrators can ensure that users have access to the necessary apps for their job, while also maintaining security and compliance.
  • Remote Cast & Control Remote Cast and Control help IT admins remotely troubleshoot the devices on field or help educational institutions with guided sessions. We have also added additional features that allow you to make VoIP Calls, take Screenshots, record screencast sessions and raise a service desk request on the managed devices. Remote Control is available on selected Android OEM devices, Windows & macOS.
  • Custom Payload for Windows, iOS & macOS
  • Windows OS Update & Patch Management This feature lets the IT admins configure the OS update policy on the managed Windows devices so that they can ensure that the rollouts are controlled. Furthermore, you can control which components to auto-update and selectively updates others.
  • macOS Update and Upgrade Management This feature lets IT admins keep their Mac devices up-to-date with the latest OS updates. IT admins can choose to install the updates instantly, defer them or let the users update the devices as per their convenience.
  • OS Update Management for Android & iOS Currently supporting Zebra Lifeguard OTA updates
  • Third-Party App Patch Management for Windows
  • Conditional Email Access Conditional Email Access or CEA allows IT admins to enforce that the corporate email is accessed only from devices that are managed by Scalefusion. By ensuring that the devices are managed by Scalefusion, IT admins can apply device or work profile level security & policy controls offered by Scalefusion.
    Scalefusion supports conditional email access for the following providers: Microsoft Office 365/Exchange Online, IceWarp, Exchange On-Premise and Zimbra.
  • Certificate Management
  • 1 GB of Private Enterprise App Store Storage
  • 1 GB of Content Management Storage
  • Location Tracking Location Tracking Sync Time: 3 mins
    Location History Retention: 60 days
  • Polygonal Geofence
  • Advanced Workflows With Advanced Workflows, you can Switch Profile based on Geofence, set Battery Compliance, set Geo-Fence Compliance, set Data Usage Compliance, set Security Incidents Compliance, set Inactivity Compliance, run Storage Compliance, run Device Management Workflow and schedule Single App Mode Profile.
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Developer APIs
  • ITSM Integrations This feature allows the IT teams to raise support tickets right from Scalefusion Dashboard during the Remote Cast and Control session along with complete device details. Currently, we support ITSM integrations with Freshservice and JIRA.
  • 10 Technicians/Administrators
  • Android MDM SDK Scalefusion Android MDM SDK empowers organizations and app developers to access the data points that are not exposed to them. The completely secure and full-proof developer API enables enterprise apps that are authorized by Scalefusion to leverage these data points to get the device information and perform a wide variety of actions (like launching the wifi screen, toggling mobile data, toggle hotspot, etc.) locally on a device.
  • Shared Device
  • Basic MTD*
  • Samsung FOTA*


Per Device/Month* *Billed Annually Only

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The ultimate plan for large organizations with complex use-cases

All the features of the Business Plan and:

  • AirThink AI With AirThink AI, generating custom scripts for Windows, macOS, and Linux devices is as simple as giving a prompt.
  • Remote Command for Android
  • Scripting for Windows, macOS & Linux with AirThink AI
  • OnPrem Active Directory Connector
  • Windows App Catalog & Auto Patching
  • Configure SAML
  • Historical Reports
  • Certificate Management - PKI based*
  • Support for External Hosting of Apps Remote App Installation using External Link and External PKG file
  • 2 GB of Private App Store Storage
  • 2 GB of Content Management Storage
  • Location Tracking Location Tracking Sync Time: 1 min
    Location History Retention: 90 days
  • 25 Technicians/Administrators
  • Advance Role-based Access Control
  • Scalefusion Deployer
  • Maker/Checker
  • Advanced MTD*
New: Add-on Feature OneIdP

With OneIdP add-on, strengthen your security posture. Drive identity access management and unified endpoint management capabilities through a single dashboard.

Get endpoint management along with robust single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, advanced conditional access, and effortless integration with existing directory services using the bundled solution of Scalefusion and OneIdP.



per user/month
*Billed Annually Only
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Device Management with Key Features

Single/Multi App Kiosk Mode for Android & iOS

Single/Multi App Kiosk Mode for Windows

Agent Mode

Device Groups

Kiosk Browser

Remote Reboot

Remote Shut Down

Basic Custom Branding

Prosurf Kiosk Browser for iOS

Bring Your Own Device Management

Company Owned Personally Enabled Device Management

Work Data Settings for iOS

Advanced Branding

Azure AD Enrollment & Autopilot

Sub Groups/ Multi-level Groups

Dynamic Groups

OEM Related Branding Customizations

Custom Properties

Shared Devices for Android

Shared Devices for PC Platforms

Scalefusion Deployer

Policy Management

Network Management (Wifi, APN & VPN in future)

Advanced Device Profiles for Windows (BitLocker, Security, VPN, USB Peripherals)

Advanced Device Profiles for macOS (FileVault, Security, Directory/LDAP)

Advanced Device Profiles for Android (Power/Shutdown, OEM Configs)

Office 365 DLP Policies

MDM SDK for Android

Custom Payload for Windows, iOS & macOS

Conditional Email Access

OS Update/Patch Management

OS Update Management for Windows

OS Update Management for Android

OS Update Management for iOS

OS Update Management for macOS

Samsung FOTA*

App Respositories & Auto Patching

Third Party App Patch Management for Windows

Third Party App Patch Management for macOS*

App Repository & Auto Patching for Windows

App Repository & Auto Patching for macOS*

Application Management

App Management via Managed Google Play

App Management via Windows Store for Business

App Management via Apple App Store

Private Enterprise App Store

App Configuration

Private Enterprise App Store Space

200 MB

1 GB

2 GB

Number of Application Version Support




App Catalog for Android

App Catalog for iOS

App Catalog for Windows

Support for External Hosting of .apk and PKG File

Remote Control & Support

Remote Cast & Control for Android & iOS

Remote Cast & Control for Windows & macOS

Instant Remote Commands for Android

Offline Remote Commands for Android

Advanced Remote Support for Android & iOS

Advanced Remote Support for Windows & macOS

Remote Terminal

Location & Geofences

Live Location

Google Maps API Integration

Location Tracking for Mobile Devices

Location Tracking for PC Devices

Location Tracking Mode



High Accuracy

Fleet Tracking

Location Tracking - Sync Time

15 mins

3 mins

1 min

Location History Retention

30 days

60 days

90 days

Circular Geofences

Polygonal Geofences

Collect Location Metrics


2FA for Admins

Restrict Factory Reset

Restrict Safe Mode

Security Incidents

Lost Mode for Android and Apple

Lost Mode for Windows

Certificate Management

PKI Based Certificate Management*


Content Management

Content Management Storage Space

200 MB

1 GB

2 GB

External Storage Integration with Google Drive

Digital Signage Solution (Presentation Mode)

Configure Default & Additional Folder Location on Android Device

Scripting & Workflows

Basic Workflows

Advanced Workflows

Scripting & Exe for Windows

Scripting for macOS & Linux

Dynamic Scripting

Reports & Analytics

Audit Logs

Basic Reports

Advanced Reports

Scheduled Reports

Custom Reports*

Location Distance Reports (Pitstops)

Power On/Off Reports

Historical Reports

Administrators & RBAC

Number of Technicians/Administrators





Pre-Defined Role-Based Access Control

Enhanced Role based Access Control & Admin Account Security (Session timeout, Multi Session, Idle Logout & Account Lock)

Custom Role-Based Access Control

Advance Role-based Access Control (Auto Expiry of Admin Account & SAML integration)

Integrations, Developer APIs & Webhooks

G Suite Integration

Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

Third Party Integrations (JIRA/Freshservice)

Conditional Exchange Access

Developer API


On-Prem Connector

Endpoint Protection Platform

Basic Compliance Checks & Unlock Security

Basic MTD - Basic Scanning, Detection & Remediation*

Advanced MTD - Advanced Scanning, Detection & Remediation*

* - Coming Soon

Common Questions About Scalefusion MDM Pricing

How does the free trial work?

When you sign up for your trial of Scalefusion you'll have access to all the features for 14 days. We don't restrict features in free trial. At any point during the trial you can choose a plan and pay by credit card from within your account.

Do you have a setup cost?

Absolutely not. All plans are year to year with no setup fees and no hidden gimmicks.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and wire transfers. In case of wire transfers please get in touch with us for banking details.

Anything special for NGOs and educational institutions?

Yes! We offer discount for NGOs and educational institutions. Simply Contact Us to know more.