Scalefusion Deployer

Mass Functions, Published in Minutes

Categorize the list of files you wish to deploy and set a process flow with installation conditions. Scalefusion Deployer will automatically deploy and publish the files to the device.

What is Scalefusion Deployer?

The Scalefusion Deployer helps generate silent file installations. This helps reduce the manual deployment of apps, scripts, and CMD files, making it a one-time process for pushing multiple functions. Additionally, you can generate Scalefusion MDM Agent for auto-enrollment of devices.

  • Generate custom packages for 3rd party apps, files and scripts.

  • Define task execution order.

  • Define commands or actions for pre-execution and post-execution of scripts.

Scalefusion Deployer

Simple App, File & Script Deployment

The Scalefusion Deployer works as a silent installer, allowing you to push various files automatically in a seamless process.



Download the Scalefusion Deployer from the dashboard


Add Files

Add your files and define the sequence of deployment



Publish the generated exe. file to your devices from the Scalefusion dashboard

Apps, Files and Scripts Deployer for Windows Devices

How does the Scalefusion Deployer Benefit you?

The Scalefusion deployer helps create a productive and streamlined workflow by enabling a one-time deployment for multiple functions. It promotes ease of management, especially for large deployment operations, and maintains consistency with publishing the set sequences on the device.

Execution of more than one file

Define the order of files to be executed

Define the Pre-check condition

Define the Post-check condition

Continue/Exit/Skip Execution in case of failure

Define the command line argument for each file

Use Cases for Scalefusion Deployer

Scalefusion Deployer

Multiple files packaging

Package .exe, .msi, .ps1, .bat or CMD files into one exe and deploy.

Scalefusion Deployer

Mixed File Types

Support for Mixed file types, that is, generate one installer by packaging multiple exes, scripts, cmd files, or exe/MSI files.

Scalefusion Deployer


Ability to define the order of Installation of Exes, Extraction of Files, and execution of Scripts.

Scalefusion Deployer

Deploy Non-Executable Files

Ability to push non-executable files like .doc, .pdf, .mp4 etc in specified folder location.

Get Scalefusion Deployer to Automate Deployments